Saturday, March 11, 2006

gedachten bij Hofstadgroep/proces

WHo are the Brain Police?

`|so you cant even hold a decent conversation in this country anymore=

Because you can´t even speak your Own fucking language anymore!

just a few quotes from Zappa, when I was listening to the Judge´s statement )female Judge spokesman', all day,
the Final Statement was....
I cannot say whatever I want, because in a certain setting it will defect SOCIETY it will CHANGE things, and we dont like that!

we dont like people who change our Mind settings
and we certainly dont like people who call us GUILTY

Zappa knew this was going to happen, look at his album Sheik Yerbouti )1981'
still the best with Yo´Mama!

zappa wa right about all your OIL/freaks driving around in CARS... not listening to music,

Not the USA is going to Buy Chinese Harbours, no Saudis are going to BUY America
which Zappa said in 1977 already!

have you ever heard an Saudian rock singer sing about that=

Allllll the Big money )in dollars' made by OIL, are now in Real Estate
In Chinese Companies who make millions

america only Spends dollars but doesnt EARN any

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