Saturday, December 17, 2005

i can post when I'm drunkenEgo

the Rolling Stones are a Marketing Machine!
the World Free Market Organiziations...
stopped agreeing
the Koreans are in the BAD news...
but they still are the best in GO
Baduk in their language
You can play a Chinese - always safe... yo can play a Japanese, always play traditional,But aKorean will cut you off... they always kill...
thats why the Koreans are going to win...

I want a Samsung camera

fair trade for Korean farmers is long time policy,
because they are Cars and PC's more liely

LG is Lucky Goldstar, owned half by Philipps...
Watch that stuff
Korean Company taking over High resolution,
like Sony did in the 70's!!!

the seventies, when tv was becoming normal
now it's abnormal to watch tv
and they still discuss about that

you dont want to watch TV tonight,
because you Know what's gonna be on there!


the same you heard on the radio


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