Saturday, November 05, 2005

Registry is a Sound term!

Same as 'Registry madness', which I did 2 weeks...The Windows Registry -(File) is a disaster for the world!it's based on the assumption 90% of popolation has IQ below zero, eh 100,,,, so NOBODY wants to touch that thing: the Windows Registry...The Biggest disaster in Computing!It was probably Designed already in 1995 or earlier to satisfy the GOVERNMETBecause otherwise Microsoft would NEVER get a foot in China!I know that Registers are a sound term in fact, but Microsoft made it a REGSITER term,this is where English derives from Latin!Using Windows, means that everyone (minus 10%) is saving all information in his her registry file for at least six years, Untill they get a new computer,I'm absolutely conviced that Bill Gates is BOUGHT buy the Government, USA


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