Tuesday, November 29, 2005

kut godverdomme!

Ik heb niet eens 300 euro per maand en armoede is 850?

Let's help this guy...


"Hello, all.
My name is Daekyung (danny) Kim, a Ph.D. student studying journalism and mass communication in Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. I am emailing to ask you to do me a favor. I am now working on my dissertation whose topic is about online news and want to gather information about how and why Internet users are using news Web sites for political information based on an online survey. This online survey will approximately take 15-20 minutes to complete. After collecting the data, I will draw to pick up 50 respondents among those who complete this survey and each will be given $ 10 gift card.Would you please spend some time to fill out this survey? http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=594061481532
(please click on the address, OR if not working, copy it into the URL address)
Your experience will be very useful in understanding how politically interested online users are using online news and the consequent effect on traditional news media.You can withdraw the survey at any time you want. All responses will be kept confidential and only be used for academic purposes. This survey has been reviewed and approved by the SIUC Human Subject Committee. So, there are no questions that may identify personal information.Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation. Please email me back if you have further concerns or questions. "

Sunday, November 27, 2005

i hate blogging

if you want to re-read this whole blog, you'll see somewhere I wrote a lot of things as my debtt ttth to society, i'm a Socrates adept, I think I have to speak up, the world is Like 2400 years ago, nothing changed,
Religion is still as disastrous as it were 2400 years ago, and it still is Make-Believe, which drives a lot of people still... so nothing has changed to that Gene which does people BELIEVE.... in something, may it be family or nation or whatever,
It may be true that Nietzsche said god is dead, but not the Believe in god is dead, that's a more serious problem... When Nietzsche was confronted with the Arians, with their totally misunderstood conception of UberMensch, he started to go crazy,
...if your genetics could become of religious fanatical behaviour,, which it did,
then where are you with your believe in Ratio?
Ratio led to Facsism

and it does everyday
I hear it on the radio
WE BELIEVE in Democracy!
shout politicians,

but we have a government that it is NOT chosen by the voters...
The Queen didnt do nothing...
and suddenly we had Balkenende!
Total shithole, not elected, but proposed by the Weakest Party in the country, which wanted to crawl back into power as soon as possible...

Showing results NOW!

You don't have even Political Left wing Journalism in this fucking country!
because they are all waiting for their Pension..

There is NO new generation of Left-wing journalists in the Netherlands,
I'm 50,
do I have to tell you that?

That's Because the Education system went down...

They stopped Thinking About Who's Fooling Them!
Or Us?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

B.C. (where are those days?)

One of the big advantages of starting a new PC is that you get rid of all kinds of crap people in your addressbook. Probably the fattest mistake Bill C. ever made was telling other people that him & me were "like brothers";
because I'm not good with family.

But what I miss most about him - apart from his ongoing 'liquid means' support - are our deep philosophical conversations about the financial system. (read: the dollar)

Past Sunday there was a nice documentary on TV about this subject. (Repeated next Saturday, 11.00 am, Ned. 3)
Everybody knows money is just a piece of paper with a number on it. The actual cost of producing a one-dollar note is probably the same as a 100-dollar note. It's all a matter of Earth-wide Confidence that you can change one dollar for so-and-so much euro... The value of the dollar is determined (say the Banks!) by economical strength and actual political power (read: military power) of the U.S.A. This is best made visible by the prices of OIL, real estate and the value of stocks.
(Note: there used to be a time when the Price of a dollar was related to gold, but that's long ago)

Bill and I had long talks about this.
The biggest thing you have to remember is, that the Value of a dollar is virtual. Relative to...
There's no real value in it.
Real value is a loaf of bread.
And the (also virtual) strength of the USA determines how many loafs of bread you can buy for 1 dollar.

Now, the past 3 years the American deficit (read: shortage on national balance) is growing with $ 3 billion,- per working DAY! This is 3.000 million dollar PER day!

All top-financial guys in the world (see documentary) from Shanghai to New York, from Tokyo till Montreal, from Buenos Aires till Amsterdam, they all say (to Bush) DO something about this, because the dollar is going to COLLAPS!
... and when this happens, then within 24 hours ALL money machines (ATM's) in the world will be empty! Because: No Confidence, no money!
And you CAN'T sell your house, because nobody knows the price!

...and all Bush is doing, is standing on top of Empire State Building and beating his chest, screaming: "WE are the BEST!" we are the strongest! The Dollar is King Kong!
Yeah, untill some airplane comes from the East and blows his face away!

By the way:
The Maharishi Rajneesh warned for this already 25 years ago!

Wait for the day all millionaires are gonna be as broke as I am now.
I hope I live that day! To see that!

Thanks to VPRO- Tegenlicht: "The day the dollar collapses"

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Lagedijk 3

Westzijde Jedeloo-school

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Impression d'automne

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Registry is a Sound term!

Same as 'Registry madness', which I did 2 weeks...The Windows Registry -(File) is a disaster for the world!it's based on the assumption 90% of popolation has IQ below zero, eh 100,,,, so NOBODY wants to touch that thing: the Windows Registry...The Biggest disaster in Computing!It was probably Designed already in 1995 or earlier to satisfy the GOVERNMETBecause otherwise Microsoft would NEVER get a foot in China!I know that Registers are a sound term in fact, but Microsoft made it a REGSITER term,this is where English derives from Latin!Using Windows, means that everyone (minus 10%) is saving all information in his her registry file for at least six years, Untill they get a new computer,I'm absolutely conviced that Bill Gates is BOUGHT buy the Government, USA

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