Friday, September 02, 2005

Zoot Allures!

Now a word about tv.

Football-games are broadcasted peer-to-peer over the Internet, while telephone companies paid millions of dollars to secure their rights...

I still can remember the days, way back in 1993, when I was writing those press-releases for a tv-program called the Mobile Judge, about a judge in a car.. still exists, I believe, and I had to talk like a Minister! to get an E-Mail @ddress on screen in that tv program... In fact, it was the First ever TV program in Netherlands which had a website, where people could request for the Judge to intervene in their problem, we had actually TWO of those IInteractive reactoins!
By that time I think 35.000 ppl had home-access to Internet!

I was always saying that within 10 years TV would be SUCKED into the Internet!
That was my forecast in 1993! (G-woman is my witness! because Latour died!) Those TV-poeple laughed at me, calling me a fantasizer!
"Within 3 years you'll hear nothing anymore about that Internet of yours," they said to me...

But I still made it to get that www.adress on TV, It was right before the VPRO had their own website!

It even was the first TV-related website with Graphical content,
I posted FAXES that I received digitally with Eudora, as .GIF, and posted them with BASIC HTML, as img src = ...etc
That was real cute from those girls, because this way the TV viewers could, after the broadcasting go directly to the website and read the whole juridically commented/ motivated VERDICT by the real judge, I still think he's the same man, I saw him last summer...

I wanted to write something about TV nowadays, the new season, but maybe tomorrow, it's so sickening, I have to take a breath first...


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