Wednesday, September 07, 2005


OR: TV for sale!

Dutch media are all selling out.
But Dutch Television is already SOLD OUT completely!

In the beginning it was nice when we had one channel, and had to go to the neighbours to watch it (because we didnt have TV before 1965! Remember that!)
first program I remember was called The Invisible Man... so finally we had something to Watch to! (But only when they wrapped him up in bandages!)

"FernSehen" Look into the Far... that's what Tele-Vision used to be! Panorama! to the World.
But look what it has become now!
Not only a matter of marketing figures (target-groups in-depth measurement),
but in the Netherlands it's even a POLITICAL playball!

and the MAIN spokesmen in this -so called- Principle ISSUE, are all from another century!

Shit I have to do some homework, but first gonna name some names!

This Dutch TV-system, it's even totally incomprehensible when you were born in Belgium!
(and CNN sucks too! Because it's a Time-Warner company!... but that's beside the point)

we have about 7 or 8 dutch-language tv channels now, and none of them is broadcasting anything from US Open (aka Flushing Meadows) (some matches are played at Madison Square Garden even!) .. only for Example!

No, Dutch TV can only TALK about how they almost lost from Armenia (one of the poorest countries in the world) with FOOTBAL.... JESUS CHRIST!
They need FOUR channels, Oh even Talpa, I forgot almost, the newest channel, they need 5 channels to TALK about an almost lost game of soccer ! Suckers!
When you get bored and start ZAPP-ing, they show you advertising! ALL THE TIME!

and the REST of this SO CALLED Panorama, fernsehen, Look into the far, is TALKING about how SICK this tv-system is!
Inbetween advertising they talk about politicians who live in the former century and want to change the system BACK to the 50's (remember when no-one had TV!)

what we are in fact witnessing here is the END of the TV era... While everybody thought it had Future, it is already Passed away! TV is dead! Long live radio!

First I thought the old dinosaurs wouldnt go away, and that's why you never see someone new, on TV,
but now I understand the new boyz & girls arent coming! They don't want to retire as Jos Brink or Mies Bouman!
So, on TV you will be stuck with Fritz Barend, untill he dies and it's gonna be a BIG funeral! They burry a WHOLE tv-channel then! Or die with someone like Paul Witteman, who makes me sick! You have to wait till either HE dies, or you sell your TV!
Same with Charles Groenhuizen! (Complete Idiot!)

... i can go on, but you get the Picture...

someone visited my site when Googling "Jeroen Wielaard".... haha! That was the last time!
I mentioned that name!

Review of a regular weekday TV-night:
The only -and I say one and only- reasonably good program was 60 minutes of "Morse" (British detective series), which is from 7 years ago at least,
and by the way was on Belgium TV! (probably third time repetitioned)

The rest is all BULLSHIT!

Nederland 1, 2 & 3 , RTL 4, 5 & 7, SBS6, Talpa, AT5 (Amsterdam talking), Net5 (for divorced women only!) all bullshit!

-compare to Internet later-


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