Monday, September 12, 2005

popular search engine terms...

hey all yo non-believers..

I wrote so many things that became true later, hehe
that you''ll all have to believe me now...

In 1990 I told KPN that everything would evolve into wireless... Ok I was right, but still I see going cables into the ground for millions and millions, while they could skip that stage, It would be ECONOMICAL
but they never heard about that... They still sell CABLES..
Cable-companies like UPC go wireless too! Although hesitantly, because they had the Government first pay for the Network, and now seeing they are too late, trying to sell it AGAIN to the Public... I'd like to use another word: civilian... for which it was all meant in the FIRST place...
Your popular politicians, your favourable Europe Ministers of Economics Affairs, chose otherwise! They choose the American Model!

so they will ONLY let U use the networks they can control you, which they do already,

the more wireless, the more control!

they start to confuse conversations... because you want to watch Digital TV... so you sell a digital tv... But U dont know you could have had that quality of RESOLUTION, of sharpness already 5 years ago on your PC screen!
But nobody told you!
(Because I didnt have a blog then)

and the peoples are gonna be confused : Oh we dont wonna lose TV...(but you are!) they are telling us we cannot receive analogue tv anymore when we dont get the digital FEED!

Count my words, FEED is gonna be the word,
it beated Content!

If ONLY USA would have known that wireless is better 15 years ago, when I was telling them, they would have been better of now.... with all these victems...

This ONLY means your government is FOOLING you!

democracy in a Capitalistic world is dead

democracy and Free market capitalism are incompatible!

Jihad on Bush'-americanism part 1

I'd love to be arrested for this staement


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