Saturday, September 17, 2005

Cozmik Debris as you always wanted to hear it

or: Boston, May 8th, 1973

Now! on frankzonline radio,
I had this on my hard disk for a month or so, didnt realize it was such a good recording, In SoundForge the SMOOTH function is really wonderfull! Things that are recorded too loud on original tape, do decrease in loudness in a way that doesnt really effect the quality - it all get's brighter!
I told you, Boston is always better! Because fz is freaking out ... and don't forget, a concert with Ian Underwood!
hehe, and remember, this is only 75 minutes of it! I still have some 39 minutes more, but someone cut of the whole King Kong! terrible! If someone can send me that King Kong at the very end of this concert, I'd be obliged... I'll broadcast it for yo.

Some guys called this COZMIK Breeze : merely a blues in E... (see official FZ Shows list) but, first of all this IS actually Cozmik debris reprise,
and that other song from 1975 is called Merely a Blues in A.

We all wished Zappa had played more Blues,
but don't try to fool a freak,
and never argue with drunks and little children... said my Mother always.


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