Tuesday, September 27, 2005


what a word...

Monday, September 26, 2005

+++ NEWS +++

Radio 1:

Christianity is the fastest growing religion, worldwide.

God damnit, we're doomed!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

KGS tournament september open division

fun fun fun!
But not so fun;
the whole day i been preparing for first tournament game on KGS,
building up nerves, adrenaline, and waiting with drinking,
eat in time, and not listen to news but search favorite musics...
First Round won by absence of opponent...
Shit have to wait two hours for next round;
I hope I still can read then...
First day I'm drinking in september... huhuh!

Friday, September 23, 2005


"Uit deze cijfers van het CPB blijkt dat twee x modaal het helemaal niet zo breed hebben."

(Uw Minister-president, de gereformeerde heer J.P. Balkenende)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Leuker kunnen we het niet maken"

2001 : €300,- per maand
2002 : €300,- per maand
2003 : €300,- per maand (360 euro BB afgepakt)
2004 : €300,- per maand (360 euro afgepakt)
2005 : €300,- per maand (140 euro BB)

Vakantiegeld 30 eu per maand

en twee maal modaal (5000 per maand) krijgt er zeven % bij! = €350 euro
Plus dertiende maand!

peanut rocks in the fridge

Just a feeling of luxury

Algemene Politieke Beschouwingen

dit land wordt geregeerd door een stelletje wereldvreemde, neo-conservatieve nep-liberalen,
met een gereformeerde Leugenaar aan het hoofd!

Balkenende moet WEG!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Cozmik Debris as you always wanted to hear it

or: Boston, May 8th, 1973

Now! on frankzonline radio,
I had this on my hard disk for a month or so, didnt realize it was such a good recording, In SoundForge the SMOOTH function is really wonderfull! Things that are recorded too loud on original tape, do decrease in loudness in a way that doesnt really effect the quality - it all get's brighter!
I told you, Boston is always better! Because fz is freaking out ... and don't forget, a concert with Ian Underwood!
hehe, and remember, this is only 75 minutes of it! I still have some 39 minutes more, but someone cut of the whole King Kong! terrible! If someone can send me that King Kong at the very end of this concert, I'd be obliged... I'll broadcast it for yo.

Some guys called this COZMIK Breeze : merely a blues in E... (see official FZ Shows list) but, first of all this IS actually Cozmik debris reprise,
and that other song from 1975 is called Merely a Blues in A.

We all wished Zappa had played more Blues,
but don't try to fool a freak,
and never argue with drunks and little children... said my Mother always.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Monday, September 12, 2005

popular search engine terms...

hey all yo non-believers..

I wrote so many things that became true later, hehe
that you''ll all have to believe me now...

In 1990 I told KPN that everything would evolve into wireless... Ok I was right, but still I see going cables into the ground for millions and millions, while they could skip that stage, It would be ECONOMICAL
but they never heard about that... They still sell CABLES..
Cable-companies like UPC go wireless too! Although hesitantly, because they had the Government first pay for the Network, and now seeing they are too late, trying to sell it AGAIN to the Public... I'd like to use another word: civilian... for which it was all meant in the FIRST place...
Your popular politicians, your favourable Europe Ministers of Economics Affairs, chose otherwise! They choose the American Model!

so they will ONLY let U use the networks ...so they can control you, which they do already,

the more wireless, the more control!

they start to confuse conversations... because you want to watch Digital TV... so you sell a digital tv... But U dont know you could have had that quality of RESOLUTION, of sharpness already 5 years ago on your PC screen!
But nobody told you!
(Because I didnt have a blog then)

and the peoples are gonna be confused : Oh we dont wonna lose TV...(but you are!) they are telling us we cannot receive analogue tv anymore when we dont get the digital FEED!

Count my words, FEED is gonna be the word,
it beated Content!

If ONLY USA would have known that wireless is better 15 years ago, when I was telling them, they would have been better of now.... with all these victems...

This ONLY means your government is FOOLING you!

democracy in a Capitalistic world is dead

democracy and Free market capitalism are incompatible!

Jihad on Bush'-americanism part 1

I'd love to be arrested for this staement

Friday, September 09, 2005

eurosport is the BEST

Sharapova - Cleijsters

Finallly i get something without ads!


"Impeach Bush" most popular search engine entry

The Weird Rituals series #1

a contribution from our correspondent in Africa

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sophie & Logos

It's still like Plato said 2400 years ago (well actually it was Socrates who said it, Plato wrote it down:)

"The world will remain in a mess,
untill one of the following two happens:
Either politicians become philosophers,
or philosophers become politicians,"

(both equally unlikely)


OR: TV for sale!

Dutch media are all selling out.
But Dutch Television is already SOLD OUT completely!

In the beginning it was nice when we had one channel, and had to go to the neighbours to watch it (because we didnt have TV before 1965! Remember that!)
first program I remember was called The Invisible Man... so finally we had something to Watch to! (But only when they wrapped him up in bandages!)

"FernSehen" Look into the Far... that's what Tele-Vision used to be! Panorama! to the World.
But look what it has become now!
Not only a matter of marketing figures (target-groups in-depth measurement),
but in the Netherlands it's even a POLITICAL playball!

and the MAIN spokesmen in this -so called- Principle ISSUE, are all from another century!

Shit I have to do some homework, but first gonna name some names!

This Dutch TV-system, it's even totally incomprehensible when you were born in Belgium!
(and CNN sucks too! Because it's a Time-Warner company!... but that's beside the point)

we have about 7 or 8 dutch-language tv channels now, and none of them is broadcasting anything from US Open (aka Flushing Meadows) (some matches are played at Madison Square Garden even!) .. only for Example!

No, Dutch TV can only TALK about how they almost lost from Armenia (one of the poorest countries in the world) with FOOTBAL.... JESUS CHRIST!
They need FOUR channels, Oh even Talpa, I forgot almost, the newest channel, they need 5 channels to TALK about an almost lost game of soccer ! Suckers!
When you get bored and start ZAPP-ing, they show you advertising! ALL THE TIME!

and the REST of this SO CALLED Panorama, fernsehen, Look into the far, is TALKING about how SICK this tv-system is!
Inbetween advertising they talk about politicians who live in the former century and want to change the system BACK to the 50's (remember when no-one had TV!)

what we are in fact witnessing here is the END of the TV era... While everybody thought it had Future, it is already Passed away! TV is dead! Long live radio!

First I thought the old dinosaurs wouldnt go away, and that's why you never see someone new, on TV,
but now I understand the new boyz & girls arent coming! They don't want to retire as Jos Brink or Mies Bouman!
So, on TV you will be stuck with Fritz Barend, untill he dies and it's gonna be a BIG funeral! They burry a WHOLE tv-channel then! Or die with someone like Paul Witteman, who makes me sick! You have to wait till either HE dies, or you sell your TV!
Same with Charles Groenhuizen! (Complete Idiot!)

... i can go on, but you get the Picture...

someone visited my site when Googling "Jeroen Wielaard".... haha! That was the last time!
I mentioned that name!

Review of a regular weekday TV-night:
The only -and I say one and only- reasonably good program was 60 minutes of "Morse" (British detective series), which is from 7 years ago at least,
and by the way was on Belgium TV! (probably third time repetitioned)

The rest is all BULLSHIT!

Nederland 1, 2 & 3 , RTL 4, 5 & 7, SBS6, Talpa, AT5 (Amsterdam talking), Net5 (for divorced women only!) all bullshit!

-compare to Internet later-

Friday, September 02, 2005

Zoot Allures!

Now a word about tv.

Football-games are broadcasted peer-to-peer over the Internet, while telephone companies paid millions of dollars to secure their rights...

I still can remember the days, way back in 1993, when I was writing those press-releases for a tv-program called the Mobile Judge, about a judge in a car.. still exists, I believe, and I had to talk like a Minister! to get an E-Mail @ddress on screen in that tv program... In fact, it was the First ever TV program in Netherlands which had a website, where people could request for the Judge to intervene in their problem, we had actually TWO of those IInteractive reactoins!
By that time I think 35.000 ppl had home-access to Internet!

I was always saying that within 10 years TV would be SUCKED into the Internet!
That was my forecast in 1993! (G-woman is my witness! because Latour died!) Those TV-poeple laughed at me, calling me a fantasizer!
"Within 3 years you'll hear nothing anymore about that Internet of yours," they said to me...

But I still made it to get that www.adress on TV, It was right before the VPRO had their own website!

It even was the first TV-related website with Graphical content,
I posted FAXES that I received digitally with Eudora, as .GIF, and posted them with BASIC HTML, as img src = ...etc
That was real cute from those girls, because this way the TV viewers could, after the broadcasting go directly to the website and read the whole juridically commented/ motivated VERDICT by the real judge, I still think he's the same man, I saw him last summer...

I wanted to write something about TV nowadays, the new season, but maybe tomorrow, it's so sickening, I have to take a breath first...

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