Friday, August 12, 2005

Theo van Buch...

Hehe... today I was searching in old piles of paper in the cupboard and really found a letter I wrote to Theo van Gogh... Well not surprising, I wrote even the Queen, so why not him...?

october 11th 1999

I called him Theo van Buch, because ...I think ... it was about an interbiew Theo held with Boudewijn Buch's brother Menno ! Do you remember him? He earned millions on 06-sex telephone lines in the late 90's while ripping off welfare-dependent single-mothers...

I called him(Theo) 'the so-called left-wing consciousness on TV....
and then last sentence, Oh irony... turn into sarcasm...:

"Today I sold my TV for 100 Hfl."
(Dutch guilders, around 50 euro then)

..."because it works too much moronizing."

So, in 1999 -the day after I saw Theo van Gogh interview Menno Buch, I sold my tv!

Get the Picture???


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