Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a surfin hootenanny

Jesus christ what a game!
Get it before breakfast!
By the way! Breakfast is the KGS nick of the best EU Go-player!
(because he's a Russian Korean or so, by the name of Dinertchen, or so)
but that's a different league

so at 6.15 AM i'm playing this guy from California, look at his photo! A teacher German I'd say but he says he is a programmer, plays so soft... HA! from the Sun State, and I was playing this Dick Dale tape and he says Beach Boyz when I mention Surf! JESUS!

let me say it one more time:

(actually, they don't even know what a is the front side of a surf board... They were too fat and lazy for that sort of sports...)

But, this game I played totally without anything like strategy or so, it was all INTUITION! ..ToTaL InTuItiOn...!
The first game I won in 4 days! God damn it! 0.5 point! That is KOMI (Japanese for ... well I'll explain later!)
A Half point means a total DRAW! Completely EVEN score, on a board with 361 dots!
I tried to pull that guy in a Surf discussion: "So eh you never heard Dick Dale?"
hehehe ...No he didnt... (I played that guy before)
Trying a KO, he wouldnt take it! Scared shitless, in my eyes...

How do you think to get through the day,
when you are drinking 4 coffees before 8 in the morning, playing SURF music! ALL AROUND!
And it's getting 28 Celsius!

Finally my birthday! (feeling)
kee 50


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