Tuesday, August 09, 2005

movie review: " G.I. Jane " (1997)

What a perfect example of mis-casting! Demi Moore as G.I. There must have been at least thousand actresses who could have played a convincing - a plausible-, a trustworthy GI, but not Demi Moore!

Okay I shouldnt have watched the whole thing, but I wanted to know what the message was, they (Hollywood Pictures, Inc.: read Time-Warner) were stating about women being capable of becoming special forces military (S.E.A.L.S.), submarine personel, or Commander in Chief!

Watching this movie made me think of 1996 when I wrote a few columns about the subject of ...e-man-cipation, or whether that would mean that women have to be acting like men more and more... as a result of that.
(Madeleine Albright!)

I am not at all against women in politicz... No, I'm a very, extremely women-friendly opposite-gender guy,
but what I'm against is, women in politicx BECAUSE they act like men!

There IS no female politics! I wished there was!
But if you want to make it in Politics or business you have to be a Bitch, and what do we see around us? A lot of Bitches!

Even in 1997 when Holywood made this politically correct picture of USA society, I was against rebuilding submarines with woemns bathrooms.... It's not just that, it's not just the muscles either... It's the Stupidity! of MEN grown up, fully scholared American Men, who think they still need Special Forces, a romantic Idea of supersoldiers, who can Kill everyone, who can accomplish UNHUMAN tasks in WAR areas, better than Superman!

If Women want to belong to THAT wolrd and still call that emancipation,
then I dont want to belong to that world!
Simple as that, and this was a movie from 1997,
and I never heard of a woman stuck in a submarine or killed in Iraq as SEAL since then!

Funny he?

All American women learn Belly-dancing, to cheer-up their soldiers when they come (marching) home from war...

And With Hillary Clinton for President, you have another bitch who dreams of power everyday! She still stronger than her husband, untill she reaches Office! Then she'll cry for the first time in her life!

Thank you for your attention

Note: G.I. derives from Galvanized Iron, from the middle ages! When knights got rich! (remember Ronald!)


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