Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hints to play better Pacman (1992)

(from the old closet:)

"For Marin:

- eating (dots) has priority over eating pc-men (paccers),

- eating pc-men is good though, gives more time, more points,

- the first two screen bonusses aren't worth much, no priority,

- the 2nd screen is probably the most dangerous (they wanna kill your 4th life!),

- The 3rd screen is where the expression: Go for that banana, comes from,

- never eat the RED paccer as first, (only when they are all 4 in one spot, and it's unavoidable)
(read this loosely)

- while eating (dots) you move slower than the paccers - on empty track - and through corners- you move faster than them... (Important!)

- same for the emergengy Exit (top and bottom),

- It's best to postpone eating one of the 4 life-bulbs untill you have no other choice, wait till they are as close as possible, before eating a life-bulb, so you can eat them all four, quicker.

- when all 4 life-bulbs are gone, you'll notice the paccers only FOLLOW you from behind, they stop closing you in with approaches from both sides (front & behind); so if you move long straight lines, you'll have them all 4 BEHIND you sooner, and then the fun starts! Because most of the dots are eaten already, you are almost always capable of staying AHEAD... as long as you keep the "right" track
(emergengy exit is now very handy),

- When you want to escape - when paccers get too close- you must not go to an "empty" corner, where the life-bulb is already gone, that's suicide... Escape to a life-bulbed corner, or Emergency Exit

- Whole Board View
it's crucial too view at the whole screen as one picture, don't get distracted by Local Fights
[this rule comes from the game of Go !]

- the long straight track on the left side, is hard to eat in one visit (but you will keep trying it!)

- when you start with a new 'Life' (from max. 4), don't run into an empty corner (without life-bulb)

- Counting:
Eating the four paccers equals 3000 points
the third screen bonus (Go for that banana!) = 600
Forth screen (Rose) = 1000
Fifth screen (heart) relatively easy! = 1500
6th screen (candle-light) = 2500
7th screen (Texaco star) = 4000
Final screen (lightbulb) = 6000

That is eating 4 paccers twice in one screen, try that before the bonusses!

There are NO more screens, if you finish 8th, you'll get that one again.

- do not go for bonusses when they just appear, always walk around it first...

- When you finished a good game (screen 6 or higher), don't start a new game at once, but go do something else first, like washing your hands, or take a round on bicycle... sometimes it even goes better when you stop for a few days!

- Have fun! Practise does it!


Blogger Abinand said...

Hey! cool! I tried these ! it really works! Do u hv tips like this for any other game?

6:17 PM, August 28, 2005  

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