Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a surfin hootenanny

Jesus christ what a game!
Get it before breakfast!
By the way! Breakfast is the KGS nick of the best EU Go-player!
(because he's a Russian Korean or so, by the name of Dinertchen, or so)
but that's a different league

so at 6.15 AM i'm playing this guy from California, look at his photo! A teacher German I'd say but he says he is a programmer, plays so soft... HA! from the Sun State, and I was playing this Dick Dale tape and he says Beach Boyz when I mention Surf! JESUS!

let me say it one more time:

(actually, they don't even know what a is the front side of a surf board... They were too fat and lazy for that sort of sports...)

But, this game I played totally without anything like strategy or so, it was all INTUITION! ..ToTaL InTuItiOn...!
The first game I won in 4 days! God damn it! 0.5 point! That is KOMI (Japanese for ... well I'll explain later!)
A Half point means a total DRAW! Completely EVEN score, on a board with 361 dots!
I tried to pull that guy in a Surf discussion: "So eh you never heard Dick Dale?"
hehehe ...No he didnt... (I played that guy before)
Trying a KO, he wouldnt take it! Scared shitless, in my eyes...

How do you think to get through the day,
when you are drinking 4 coffees before 8 in the morning, playing SURF music! ALL AROUND!
And it's getting 28 Celsius!

Finally my birthday! (feeling)
kee 50

Virgins are perfectionists...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tennis News:

heard on tv:
Andy Roddick fucks Maria Sharapova.
Probably over in 3 seconds...
(Flushing Meadows 2005)


"Confidence is born from strength,
and strength is born from confidence."

(old Go-proverb)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

+5 % voor bovenmodaal

er schijnt een discussie gaande te zijn of journalisten (lees Media) het nog wel aankunnen
maar in feite iedere lul kan journalist zijn of zich zo noemen,
dat zien we dan ook bij de PUBLIEKE Omroep, (Wat een Belgish woord!)
nee... of ze nog wel LINKS kunnen zijn in dit media gebeuren
de ONT-zuiling...

de laatste linkse Interviewer die ik heb gehoord op radio 1 (JAREN geleden ) was Stan Houke ofzoiets, die is nu ook vast dood of met pensioen, mag je hopen,
maar verder zijn er echt geen Linkse journalisten meer... allemaal dood of recchts van het midden geworden
Jan Blokker is nog steeds PvdA... dat is wel zo achterlijk, de laatste Linkse journalist is PvdA

journalisten zijn er niet om de democratie te waarborgen, maar ze zijn er om het gehalte aan democratie aan te tonen!
En dat doen de hedendaagse journalisten NOOIT!

Journalisme is heden ten dage Represieve Tolerantie van de marktwerking,

daarom stagneert alles,
omdat alleen Journalen en isten de maatschappij kunnen vertellen waar het een moet...

Ladies & gentlemen!
Niet Rob Trip
Niet Claire Polak
Niet Harmke Pijpen
Niet Witteman!
NIET Marcel Oosten, Niet Jeroen Wielaard, NIET al die OUWE lullen en idioten!
Die al jaren hebben bewezen dat het ZO niet werkt

Journalisten zijn HOEREN, zei Hermans en zo is het ook

daarom ben ik blij dat ik geen HOER ben...

Jan Blokker is een PvdA hoer... al eeuwen!

en Frenk vd Linden is Oom Antoon vergeten!


all journalism sucks...


Try this on an empty stomach!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Finally my birthday-cd ready - now some stamps to send it away!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

bread + peanut butter

Happy birthday!
There's gonna be old macaroni,
and bread with peanut butter,


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hints to play better Pacman (1992)

(from the old closet:)

"For Marin:

- eating (dots) has priority over eating pc-men (paccers),

- eating pc-men is good though, gives more time, more points,

- the first two screen bonusses aren't worth much, no priority,

- the 2nd screen is probably the most dangerous (they wanna kill your 4th life!),

- The 3rd screen is where the expression: Go for that banana, comes from,

- never eat the RED paccer as first, (only when they are all 4 in one spot, and it's unavoidable)
(read this loosely)

- while eating (dots) you move slower than the paccers - on empty track - and through corners- you move faster than them... (Important!)

- same for the emergengy Exit (top and bottom),

- It's best to postpone eating one of the 4 life-bulbs untill you have no other choice, wait till they are as close as possible, before eating a life-bulb, so you can eat them all four, quicker.

- when all 4 life-bulbs are gone, you'll notice the paccers only FOLLOW you from behind, they stop closing you in with approaches from both sides (front & behind); so if you move long straight lines, you'll have them all 4 BEHIND you sooner, and then the fun starts! Because most of the dots are eaten already, you are almost always capable of staying AHEAD... as long as you keep the "right" track
(emergengy exit is now very handy),

- When you want to escape - when paccers get too close- you must not go to an "empty" corner, where the life-bulb is already gone, that's suicide... Escape to a life-bulbed corner, or Emergency Exit

- Whole Board View
it's crucial too view at the whole screen as one picture, don't get distracted by Local Fights
[this rule comes from the game of Go !]

- the long straight track on the left side, is hard to eat in one visit (but you will keep trying it!)

- when you start with a new 'Life' (from max. 4), don't run into an empty corner (without life-bulb)

- Counting:
Eating the four paccers equals 3000 points
the third screen bonus (Go for that banana!) = 600
Forth screen (Rose) = 1000
Fifth screen (heart) relatively easy! = 1500
6th screen (candle-light) = 2500
7th screen (Texaco star) = 4000
Final screen (lightbulb) = 6000

That is eating 4 paccers twice in one screen, try that before the bonusses!

There are NO more screens, if you finish 8th, you'll get that one again.

- do not go for bonusses when they just appear, always walk around it first...

- When you finished a good game (screen 6 or higher), don't start a new game at once, but go do something else first, like washing your hands, or take a round on bicycle... sometimes it even goes better when you stop for a few days!

- Have fun! Practise does it!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Joao Carlos Martins
for Dirk Jan... concerto for left hand only..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

tip: celebrate your birthday one week long

Congratulate me!
I almost made it 50 years long!

It is never easy, life as it is,
but it's bearable as long as you have some friends.

So, I want to thank my friends, for helping me survive (always)
We are now going to Antwerp (B.) in order to enjoy the last weekend in the 40's
even when I only have 0,15 eu in my pocket;

I'm just gonna ask if DJ wants to buy a package of Saint-Michel cigarets, to get some youth-sentiments... Because you always have to keep the child inside you alive & kicking,
I'm gonna try harder above 50!

Have a nice day!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

fucking Borderline

If you wanna know if you have it,
or I have it,

go here>

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sail 2005 - couldnt see a thing

Yahoo! vs. Google

Compared a search on my name in Yahoo! (75 results)
versus Google (70 results);
Google hasnt re-indexed my keywords for more than a month, so this debtlog isnt there, because I only added my name a month ago.

Read this>

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

J.H. Donner (1988)


Het was in Americain, half twaalf 's avonds, in het begin van de jaren zestig.
Ed Hoornik was natuurlijk weer het middelpunt, Mies Bouhuys zal er wel bij geweest zijn. Verder was Godfried Bomans er en Harry Mulisch. En ik.
Godfried vertelde dat Poe aan het begin van de vorige eeuw een verhaal in feuilletonvorm publiceerde. Na enige afleveringen voorspelde Dickens toen hoe het af zou lopen. Dat klopte.
Dit verhaal vertelde Godfried om de grootheid van Dickens te doen uitkomen, maar Harry zei onmiddellijk dat Poe er als de grote man uit kwam.
Dat vond iedereen een zeer domme opmerking, maar gaf mij stof om over na te denken."

(NRC 15/10-88, groeten Bert)

Friday, August 12, 2005

The only letter I ever got fro my dad!



when I teared up the envelop, I discovered the second letter. Now I've signed both of them.

Your father


I have no idea what this was about, but it was important, because he had to sign!
Probably Taxes involved, about my house... (I suppose around 1989 or so...)

An absolutely beautiful man my father was, Hermans' like rationality...

Theo van Buch...

Hehe... today I was searching in old piles of paper in the cupboard and really found a letter I wrote to Theo van Gogh... Well not surprising, I wrote even the Queen, so why not him...?

october 11th 1999

I called him Theo van Buch, because ...I think ... it was about an interbiew Theo held with Boudewijn Buch's brother Menno ! Do you remember him? He earned millions on 06-sex telephone lines in the late 90's while ripping off welfare-dependent single-mothers...

I called him(Theo) 'the so-called left-wing consciousness on TV....
and then last sentence, Oh irony... turn into sarcasm...:

"Today I sold my TV for 100 Hfl."
(Dutch guilders, around 50 euro then)

..."because it works too much moronizing."

So, in 1999 -the day after I saw Theo van Gogh interview Menno Buch, I sold my tv!

Get the Picture???


"Colour is not a key factor in inter-racial adoption breakdowns."

BBC radio 1998

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

White +27.5 (2 handi) august 10, 2005

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

if I get this Full Screen (click) it's nice

movie review: " G.I. Jane " (1997)

What a perfect example of mis-casting! Demi Moore as G.I. There must have been at least thousand actresses who could have played a convincing - a plausible-, a trustworthy GI, but not Demi Moore!

Okay I shouldnt have watched the whole thing, but I wanted to know what the message was, they (Hollywood Pictures, Inc.: read Time-Warner) were stating about women being capable of becoming special forces military (S.E.A.L.S.), submarine personel, or Commander in Chief!

Watching this movie made me think of 1996 when I wrote a few columns about the subject of ...e-man-cipation, or whether that would mean that women have to be acting like men more and more... as a result of that.
(Madeleine Albright!)

I am not at all against women in politicz... No, I'm a very, extremely women-friendly opposite-gender guy,
but what I'm against is, women in politicx BECAUSE they act like men!

There IS no female politics! I wished there was!
But if you want to make it in Politics or business you have to be a Bitch, and what do we see around us? A lot of Bitches!

Even in 1997 when Holywood made this politically correct picture of USA society, I was against rebuilding submarines with woemns bathrooms.... It's not just that, it's not just the muscles either... It's the Stupidity! of MEN grown up, fully scholared American Men, who think they still need Special Forces, a romantic Idea of supersoldiers, who can Kill everyone, who can accomplish UNHUMAN tasks in WAR areas, better than Superman!

If Women want to belong to THAT wolrd and still call that emancipation,
then I dont want to belong to that world!
Simple as that, and this was a movie from 1997,
and I never heard of a woman stuck in a submarine or killed in Iraq as SEAL since then!

Funny he?

All American women learn Belly-dancing, to cheer-up their soldiers when they come (marching) home from war...

And With Hillary Clinton for President, you have another bitch who dreams of power everyday! She still stronger than her husband, untill she reaches Office! Then she'll cry for the first time in her life!

Thank you for your attention

Note: G.I. derives from Galvanized Iron, from the middle ages! When knights got rich! (remember Ronald!)

Facts about Americans (1)

Americans are more afraid of sex than of violence.

Because, when they commit sex they say they end up in Hell,
and when they kill innocent civilians they act in the name of the Lord.

Tell me, what's the difference with (fanatic) muslims?

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Googling myself...

I suggest everybody Google his/her own name,
every once in a while,
You'd be surprised what they all "cache" there!

This is from at least 5 years ago: (i totally forgat)

...another of those fabulous web-projects...
(click and win a car!)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Geen gebedsruimtes op Openbare scholen,


Saturday, August 06, 2005

nice spam...


Met ingang van heden ben ik beschikbaar als SEO.
Een korte uitzending op Radio 1 (28 juli 2005), toont aan dat er maar weinig mensen nog langer iets van begrijpen; en de zgn. 'erkende' Search Engine Optimizers helemaal het spoor bijster zijn.

"1 op de middag" (KRO radio archief)

From now on I'm hirable as SEO. A short program about Google and Search Engine Optimalization, proved that most SEO-companies are scam. And they don't even understand what they are doing.
(broadcasting in Dutch, with 'interesting' quotes from Google company video in English... wel googlish!)


Personalized Search: Holy Grail or a crock?

[...] "(...It) is a crock, beyond any doubt.
It won't work well, and the extent to which it might work someday could easily be harmful rather than beneficial. These effects come at the cost of your online privacy, which would be too high a price to pay even if the results held high promise.

The only mystery is why so many commentators haven't figured this out. Actually, it's not all that mysterious. There are very few journalists who ask hardball questions of search engine experts, because their access to high-tech corporate players requires a certain level of uncritical acceptance. Even the dot-com crash did little to change this picture. Also, there are relatively few nonprofit, public-sector activists who follow the Internet closely or know much about it. Another problem is that bloggers often set the agenda for high-tech babble, and most bloggers became enemies of personal privacy from the first moment that they started their blog.

This must change, or the search engines will consider it their mission to turn all of us into dumbed-down consumers. And as the engines go, so goes the entire Internet.


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