Wednesday, July 13, 2005

a word about Tannoys.... The Tannoys

you don't buy A Tannoy single... you have to buy them in pairs, that's trouble because one of them Exceeds your budget!
When Nick was talking to be about Tannoys he said HIS father had Big ones, he himself had only monitors... the small ones, which are really good, for studio purposes..
(small rooms)
But then I did some research and I found these Tannoys Definitions!
These are really animals!
They had a scratch on the front of there Red-wood the toughest wood in the country.... yeah They are build in Scotland By the way!
The best speakers in the world!
All I can remember when I first had them.... the Police... Oh No!
No - the First thing was I blown a NAD amplifier.... The Speakers blew up the amplifier.... talking about feedback power...!
Then I had a NAD 314 amplifier for 3 weeks while my 312 was repaired, but it was really TEASING, a NAD 314 would really be better... You know this Soundsystem hehhehe can do 110Db at 1 meter, this is regular Pop-concert volume...!

I now have a 15 watts NAD amplifier and it blows away all the street!

When I had it the first week... the police had to come at my door... with extreme BIG headlights....
shining through my Luxaflex... in the middle of the night... and asking... Mister... are you drunken?
I answered: "Almost"
and then later I get that!

It's in fact all of the Tannoys that I had to remove!

The Tannoys Definition 700 series ...they really changed my life!
I cannot tell you with words...
It has to do with ears....

(they were $2000 EACH and I got them half price... I dont know why.... they just wanted to sel them.... and I didnt have to pay taxes... BTW!)

Vierduizend Gulden, maar dan heb je ook wat

Ik weet nog toen ik ging verhuizen, I said to Sandro,
"I sleep where the Tannoys are"
The day we moved them...
It was my Lucky day.... I had a Music guy who understood the Tannoys were the Most important! are the best! (40 kilogram each!)
even at midnight!



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