Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"Winos do not march!"

(or pc-man revisited)
There was even a time when we played this at work!
Must have at least been 6 years ago that I played this freakin' game. I actually quit with it when Bill gave me his laptop, whereon you couldnt reach the arrows correctly. But there were years that I used to play on my old IBM keyboard, at least one hour a day. Maybe sometimes 2. The perfect way was with a tape I had made from 'Guitar' (1987?) with Winos do not March 3 times on it, and the fabulous Jimmy & Tammy's Upper Room (the Swaggerts that is :))

This game, I stated that many times is still the best PC-game ever made. This first version (PLAY HERE) -but make sure your pc is DOS-enabled, because this is from 1981 - a time when you didnt even know you'd be having a pc in your living room, or werent even born maybe! Eh I was saying, this first version by Greg Kuperberg (whatever happened to Greg Kuperberg?) has never been surpassed by any following versions. I can tell because in the early days of Internet ('94) i had to search like hell before I found this one back... I have lost the one with the date on it, pity. [to quit press cntrl-alt-del once and End task]
I once had made a list with arguments why this game is better than almost everything in gameland, apart from serious stuff like Go (of course...).
* One of the big reasons is, that it's never the pacmans fault if you lose one life. But still it seems (to me) impossible to reach 100 thousands, it seems physically, motorically impossible, but the Game itself doesnt prevent it! This is not the case with any other version I know of (and believe me...)
(That High Score below is from my first game today since 1998 or so, highest ever was 89.000, I wonder if anybody knows anyone who scored above 100-)
* You can also hardly call this game violent, although you get eaten and you die.
* I think I only played it once to get addicted to it.
* It's auto-instructing: this means it shows you how's the best way to play.
* Cowardess is punished - bravery rewarded.
(remember this is a "dot-com-file", but not a website!)


Blogger PacGod said...

Hi! Thanks for your posting. You posted the first really useful text I could find about Greg Kuperberg's PC-Man. I also got addicted to this game and played it hundreds of times and hence became quite good at it. So I searched the internet for any highscores and you are the first who named a number..89000 points. My best is 92000 points but I agree that it seems quite hard to reach 100K...although I wouldn't say it's impossible. Which level did you reach yet? I got to the 8th level...where the goodie is the lamp. I really crave to know what the ninth goodie is like and how many points you get there. Which one did you reach?
Yesterday I got to the lamp level and still had two extra lives but it still wasn't enough to get through it. But I promise...one day I'll make it. ;-)

4:26 PM, January 26, 2012  

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