Saturday, July 16, 2005

Why am I not writing?

Well, first of all, I have written enough already in my life.
I wrote more than you'll ever have time for to read. (in your life)

But, on the other hand, blogging a book would be a good method: if you just write a few words every day, it will soon be a lot. So, why am I not doing this?

One thing is that I'm terribly pissed with some people that visit here regularly; this makes me feel uneasy and blocked in a way to 'just' write what I think: there would be much cursing involved. ^___)___^ because I'm too smart yo know it!

Another thing is, I get always heavily motivated from others, in psychology they call that "External locus of control" (compare 'playing football for the coach'). This means that if I knew that -for instance- heidig was reading these pages once in a week or so, i would be much more inspired.
Let's say the reader(s) make(s) my writing fun (for me), but so far they havent shown much "Input" (hehe g-woman! ((((daniela! stacey! vonneke!))))

Then there is the fact that IF i would write something like a book, it have to be about my own life, because the rest is fantasy and fairy tales, and I'm not born for that... My imagination lies in the manipulation of Language and not the facts!
And then I get to point 1 again, that is
that I've written most things already 3 times or so, all gone in the mail.
You can find letters of me all over the world. I've sent letters to:
Japan (Osaka), Sri Lanka, Greenland, the Faroer-Islands, Central Africa (Timbuctoo, poste-restante: leave at main post office!)), almost all EU countries,
and even sent one to
the heart of the Atlantic Ocean,
dropped there by military helicopter, arrived in time!! Exactly halfway Greenland and Marroco (now look that up!), and I may not forget USA ofcourse... Pennsylvania, California, Alabama, Florida, Iowa,
but never to New York City as far as I can remember...

I wrote a letter to the queen (never answered), to more than one prime-minister (always answered) , a diversity of mayors, secretaries of social afairs (4!) , a whole bunch of lawyers and attornies, even to a judge! (forbidden!) But definitely most of my letters were sent to women!

And one day I wrote a letter to Frank Zappa, about 'vloerbedekking' and my father. Have to ask Gail... if she still has that letter...It was answered by a postcard from Barfkin Pumpkin Management (pr) (Which is probably the same as Gail)


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