Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the Tannoys (again)

London, April 18, 1988, Wembley Arena,

Must have been six weeks ago that I recorded this tape, awesome recording, but I didnt have cdr's to store it (by numbers!) on, due to lack of on line storage Space, still...
So today I bought some very cheap Maxell (everybody says maxwell, I dunno why) cdr's, 10 for 6,95
and I started editting. And I thought: what is this...? It sounds so distant! And because my absurd sensitive ears, when listening some more, I found that while recording this (to hard disk) my microphone was ON, djeezzz,

(see MUSIC on the right)

So what you hear now, funny that FZ talks about absorption of walls...! is this tape through the Tannoys, recorded with a 5 euro microphone, which was luckily on half volume, and facing the opposite wall as where the Tannoys are sending TO, so not facing the Tannoys...

now I have to do it all over again, because this sounds really incredibly good.
"Listen to him go!"



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