Friday, July 01, 2005

some people try to own communities....

Djezusss ... I try to be nice one time... post a HINT on blogging Community (Yahoo) about saving your template, starts this Kevin Lawyer a Bullshit argument about Word adding Codes to your textfile... well I dont know which Word he uses, but in my notebook, you don't save HTML -text codes in a WYSIWYG editor!
Now he says Web-editting isnt EASY...! But he doesnt even SEE my point!
Some people are so selfcentered they cant be argued with, because they dont even listen! They just SUPPOSE that they are attacked and so they will always strive against you, no matter what you say, it's just their attitude! No Mirror around???

I may have to tell Google about this!
They don't understand the difference between [Edit HTML] and [compose] see above....

So, that was it for Yahoo blogging community.... bye bye folks, happy I found Stacy there, but she seems to have lost it there too.. hehehe...

and keep saving those templates! HAHA

Suzy Quattro


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