Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Requiem for Mohammed B.

Funny detail:
in all our surrounding countries, UK, Belgium, Germany France they spell out his last name in all media, but in Netherlands the media have this non-written law (gentlemen agreement to only put initial of last name in news. so it remains Mohammed B.

But today is conviction day! So he will be no longer a suspect, but the convicted murderer of Theo van Gogh (yes family... a grand nephew). Let's see if the news now starts to name his full last name.

First a remark about Dutch education system... well, to start with, yesterday I heard a journalist say that the media should broadcast the FULL 8 minutes speaking time, B. had in court.
This to let everyone hear how stupid B. is. I think this is something like Pearls before Swines... Useless. Waste of time.

My point is, if I hear this man speak, stumbling over words, pronouncing streetlanguage, wrong grammatical construction, low number of words usage,
I say this:
The fact that this man finished highschool in Amsterdam, where he was born, and I don't give a damn that his parents were from the Rif-mountains, where they had no school at all,
the fact that this Mohammed B., Amsterdam citizen, made it through highschool (so, prepared for and eligible for further higher education, HBO), with this result,
means to me: the total bankrupcy of Dutch education system! THEY blew it! The Social Democrats (PvdA) ruined it! Starting in the 80's and still going strong in that Department of Education (which can be deleted in my opinion)

I'm wondering, how much this Mohammed B. has read of Theo's columns?? Probably none! And IF he did, I doubt if he understood anything of it.
BECAUSE at school they forgat to teach him Dutch in the first place (in the street these boyz speaks a zorta 'Paramaribo-Turkish:' a slang to 'belong to the group', and when you want to make up for that, plus the fact that the parents don't speak Dutch at all,
THEN you have to PUT more DUTCH in their education! Start at AGE 4 , stupid educational motherfuckers! It's THEIR fault, hence the so called progressive politicians!

I get very right-wing from this stupidity!

First learn Dutch, and then, maybe, you can teach them to THINK!

Mohammed B. isnt able to think! Nobody taught him! He stated himself, in sub-Dutch, Neanderthal-Dutch, in the courtroom he said he didnt kill Theo from ratio, he killed him from BELIEVE, from religious conviction! There is that word again!

The first and most important thing a proper education system must accomplish is FREEING children from childish religious conviction,
BECAUSE otherwise no further education is possible!

I don't want an Islamic doctor nor a stupid Christian doctor at my bed. I want RATIO!

So happy we don't have the Death Penalty here,
let Mohammed B. sit in a cell and Think!


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