Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Love is a decision

There is this one quote from Frank Zappa, I have it somewhere on tape here, but don't ask, where he states that the whole American (read Western world, first world, but I have my doubts about 2nd world and 3rd too)
where he says that the whole youth is poisened by the WHOLE Hollywood Idea of Love and Romance, he even says the Whole Pop-music is filted with that, which it is..

To get this short, in ALL Hollywood movies there is always a love affair, Some Woman falls in love with Some hero, and later, after Tamla Motown Records got bought by Time-Warner too, the whole pop-music-industry was filled with this SO CALLED christian idea...
that a LOVE was hanging in the air, like a Holy spirit, and all you have to do is FALL into it, and all have a happy end!

That got me to thinking;

the whole IDEA people have about LOVE (and like to still bind that into marriage) is based on false romantic presumptions, AS IF Love is some THING or force on (in) itself, and you just have to wait for it, and grab it when it comes by.

well, everybody knows this is bullshit... but the majority still listens to the Beatles!
All you need is love!

Jesus Christ!

..."and in your dreams, you can be a prophet!"

a quote from "OhNo!"
Oh No I don't believe it that you think you know the meaning of Love! (Zappa!) (against Lennon!)

so....I have been thinking about this for years,
and I tell you:
Love is a decision, it's not hanging in the air, it's inside you, you make a choice, love or hate,
and you have to make that choice almost every minute!
every day!
Year in year out.. you do it, or you remain indifferent, and then you die without loving...
But I tell you,
Love is a decision, YOU make!

almost every second!

I love music!

(edit this tomorrow)


Blogger kee said...

i never editted this
I like it the way it is

9:57 PM, August 03, 2005  

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