Friday, July 29, 2005

London 1988, Wembley Arena,

I did it again
absurd good
London 1988 revisited.... What a pity Ruth U. wasnt thhere
You can hear now on frankz online radio
if you hurry!
HOOW good this Bamboozled is!
Such an old song..
You never get it better!

After this tour FZ died (5 years later)

he never played on Jimi's guitar again...
only in 1975!
Police will here be soon!
Thankz to the tannoys

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Love is a decision

There is this one quote from Frank Zappa, I have it somewhere on tape here, but don't ask, where he states that the whole American (read Western world, first world, but I have my doubts about 2nd world and 3rd too)
where he says that the whole youth is poisened by the WHOLE Hollywood Idea of Love and Romance, he even says the Whole Pop-music is filted with that, which it is..

To get this short, in ALL Hollywood movies there is always a love affair, Some Woman falls in love with Some hero, and later, after Tamla Motown Records got bought by Time-Warner too, the whole pop-music-industry was filled with this SO CALLED christian idea...
that a LOVE was hanging in the air, like a Holy spirit, and all you have to do is FALL into it, and all have a happy end!

That got me to thinking;

the whole IDEA people have about LOVE (and like to still bind that into marriage) is based on false romantic presumptions, AS IF Love is some THING or force on (in) itself, and you just have to wait for it, and grab it when it comes by.

well, everybody knows this is bullshit... but the majority still listens to the Beatles!
All you need is love!

Jesus Christ!

..."and in your dreams, you can be a prophet!"

a quote from "OhNo!"
Oh No I don't believe it that you think you know the meaning of Love! (Zappa!) (against Lennon!)

so....I have been thinking about this for years,
and I tell you:
Love is a decision, it's not hanging in the air, it's inside you, you make a choice, love or hate,
and you have to make that choice almost every minute!
every day!
Year in year out.. you do it, or you remain indifferent, and then you die without loving...
But I tell you,
Love is a decision, YOU make!

almost every second!

I love music!

(edit this tomorrow)

the Tannoys (again)

London, April 18, 1988, Wembley Arena,

Must have been six weeks ago that I recorded this tape, awesome recording, but I didnt have cdr's to store it (by numbers!) on, due to lack of on line storage Space, still...
So today I bought some very cheap Maxell (everybody says maxwell, I dunno why) cdr's, 10 for 6,95
and I started editting. And I thought: what is this...? It sounds so distant! And because my absurd sensitive ears, when listening some more, I found that while recording this (to hard disk) my microphone was ON, djeezzz,

(see MUSIC on the right)

So what you hear now, funny that FZ talks about absorption of walls...! is this tape through the Tannoys, recorded with a 5 euro microphone, which was luckily on half volume, and facing the opposite wall as where the Tannoys are sending TO, so not facing the Tannoys...

now I have to do it all over again, because this sounds really incredibly good.
"Listen to him go!"



I still support the idea, though
Or: start promoting your website before you even have one!

2. Use every device you can get!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Requiem for Mohammed B.

Funny detail:
in all our surrounding countries, UK, Belgium, Germany France they spell out his last name in all media, but in Netherlands the media have this non-written law (gentlemen agreement to only put initial of last name in news. so it remains Mohammed B.

But today is conviction day! So he will be no longer a suspect, but the convicted murderer of Theo van Gogh (yes family... a grand nephew). Let's see if the news now starts to name his full last name.

First a remark about Dutch education system... well, to start with, yesterday I heard a journalist say that the media should broadcast the FULL 8 minutes speaking time, B. had in court.
This to let everyone hear how stupid B. is. I think this is something like Pearls before Swines... Useless. Waste of time.

My point is, if I hear this man speak, stumbling over words, pronouncing streetlanguage, wrong grammatical construction, low number of words usage,
I say this:
The fact that this man finished highschool in Amsterdam, where he was born, and I don't give a damn that his parents were from the Rif-mountains, where they had no school at all,
the fact that this Mohammed B., Amsterdam citizen, made it through highschool (so, prepared for and eligible for further higher education, HBO), with this result,
means to me: the total bankrupcy of Dutch education system! THEY blew it! The Social Democrats (PvdA) ruined it! Starting in the 80's and still going strong in that Department of Education (which can be deleted in my opinion)

I'm wondering, how much this Mohammed B. has read of Theo's columns?? Probably none! And IF he did, I doubt if he understood anything of it.
BECAUSE at school they forgat to teach him Dutch in the first place (in the street these boyz speaks a zorta 'Paramaribo-Turkish:' a slang to 'belong to the group', and when you want to make up for that, plus the fact that the parents don't speak Dutch at all,
THEN you have to PUT more DUTCH in their education! Start at AGE 4 , stupid educational motherfuckers! It's THEIR fault, hence the so called progressive politicians!

I get very right-wing from this stupidity!

First learn Dutch, and then, maybe, you can teach them to THINK!

Mohammed B. isnt able to think! Nobody taught him! He stated himself, in sub-Dutch, Neanderthal-Dutch, in the courtroom he said he didnt kill Theo from ratio, he killed him from BELIEVE, from religious conviction! There is that word again!

The first and most important thing a proper education system must accomplish is FREEING children from childish religious conviction,
BECAUSE otherwise no further education is possible!

I don't want an Islamic doctor nor a stupid Christian doctor at my bed. I want RATIO!

So happy we don't have the Death Penalty here,
let Mohammed B. sit in a cell and Think!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

sunday morning 8.20

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

40 cd's with J.S. Bach keyboard works

Joao Carlos Martins

Or: how much bad luck can a genius have?

Did you ever hear this man play piano? You should! Absolutely incredible.

I think born in Brasil, 1940 - i missed the beginning of this extreme documentary- the young boy Joao had a strange infection in his throat, so he had to go to hospital every week for a nasty stinge; and he couldnt play outside, with the other boys. So his parents thought we should buy a piano, give the boy something to do. By the time he was 10, they had 7 (seven) piano's in their home. Three in the living room, and 4 sons had each their own : pretty lucky family he?
So, the boys played like in competition; for instance they had to practise one new number each day and play that for their father.
But Joao was far out the best, although his brothers werent bad either.
When he was 18 Joao Carlos won big prizes, and MAN listen to him in 1958! They showed only short footage from that Concours, it was Unbelievable. That guy played Bach and Chopin as if he was Theloneus Monk! With a sort of intensity and power I have simply never heard from a 'classical' pianist.
OK great, so he moved to New York and got very famous (while you were listening to the Beatles, wehh!), he played all major orchestras and conductors. Being a Brasilian he kept playing (soccer) football every saturday afternoon.
And then in 1964 or so, he got a little, tiny pebble stone against JUST the junction of his elbow, and a nerve was damaged. Well, he showed how smal that pebble was, and it's unbelievable what big damage such can do. He had to do fysiotherapy for 4 years, and stopped playing pro...

After 4 years he made a come back at Carnegie hall, people were outrageous; the longest standing ovation they ever measured there. People in NYC usually don't have time to clap their hands for more than 1 minute... :)
Right after that, Joao had a stroke! His whole right arm disfunctioned... I can tell you from experience, you can't play Bach after a stroke! So he quit again, became manager of a factory, and hated life!

Years and Years he spent coming back and he did!
After all this misery he made 40 cd's with all keyboard works by J.S. Bach, and it is incredible stuff... I cannot compare to anything I heard.
And now (in 2001) during the making of this film ( a must see!) he's terribly suffering from RSI, from all that practising!
If you saw that farewell concert he gave, playing with a piece of elastic around his right hand, bending 2 finger to his handpalm and playing! Playing! Like Virtuoso! Absolutely Posessed!

Posessed by music! Fantastic!

"Wovan man...

"Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen."
last sentence (proposition) from Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (Vienna 1918)

W.F. Hermans:
"Van dat, waarover niet kan worden gesproken, moet men zwijgen."

English (my try):
"Of which one cannot speak, one should keep silent."

(Wittgenstein 1)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Why am I not writing?

Well, first of all, I have written enough already in my life.
I wrote more than you'll ever have time for to read. (in your life)

But, on the other hand, blogging a book would be a good method: if you just write a few words every day, it will soon be a lot. So, why am I not doing this?

One thing is that I'm terribly pissed with some people that visit here regularly; this makes me feel uneasy and blocked in a way to 'just' write what I think: there would be much cursing involved. ^___)___^ because I'm too smart yo know it!

Another thing is, I get always heavily motivated from others, in psychology they call that "External locus of control" (compare 'playing football for the coach'). This means that if I knew that -for instance- heidig was reading these pages once in a week or so, i would be much more inspired.
Let's say the reader(s) make(s) my writing fun (for me), but so far they havent shown much "Input" (hehe g-woman! ((((daniela! stacey! vonneke!))))

Then there is the fact that IF i would write something like a book, it have to be about my own life, because the rest is fantasy and fairy tales, and I'm not born for that... My imagination lies in the manipulation of Language and not the facts!
And then I get to point 1 again, that is
that I've written most things already 3 times or so, all gone in the mail.
You can find letters of me all over the world. I've sent letters to:
Japan (Osaka), Sri Lanka, Greenland, the Faroer-Islands, Central Africa (Timbuctoo, poste-restante: leave at main post office!)), almost all EU countries,
and even sent one to
the heart of the Atlantic Ocean,
dropped there by military helicopter, arrived in time!! Exactly halfway Greenland and Marroco (now look that up!), and I may not forget USA ofcourse... Pennsylvania, California, Alabama, Florida, Iowa,
but never to New York City as far as I can remember...

I wrote a letter to the queen (never answered), to more than one prime-minister (always answered) , a diversity of mayors, secretaries of social afairs (4!) , a whole bunch of lawyers and attornies, even to a judge! (forbidden!) But definitely most of my letters were sent to women!

And one day I wrote a letter to Frank Zappa, about 'vloerbedekking' and my father. Have to ask Gail... if she still has that letter...It was answered by a postcard from Barfkin Pumpkin Management (pr) (Which is probably the same as Gail)

Life is a game of pacman: in the end you die.

Friday, July 15, 2005

business envy

goddamnit I hate it. This is something we call in Dutch 'grocery mentality' and i'm the grandson of a grocer(y) so, I have a nose for it! Fuck!
All I ask them if they can put that new sadle on my bike,
but no! the FIRST thing they do before they even touch your bike, is ruining my totally obscure, rare and unique Boom Boom Satellites sticker!! ONLY to see if this bike was (ever) sold by them! Not asking! Motherfuckers! Just ruining my bike's logo! (see below)

° ® copyright issues

"…News of Google Print for Libraries came as a complete surprise. It had not been mentioned by Google representatives during any of the discussions they were having with our members, and Google's subsequent explanations of Google Print for Libraries have only increased that confusion and transformed it into mounting alarm and concern at a plan that appears to involve systematic infringement of copyright on a massive scale."

The letter outlines 16 pointed questions the respective associations would like answered.

"Google Print for Libraries"

Thursday, July 14, 2005

stacey says I'm crazy!

Finally someone calls me crazy! They call me 'bipolar' too! Whatever that is!
Bilingual yes! Barrier of language no! I can read English! BooooH!

Fuck I thought I still had 100 euros, but the UPC provider wasnt calculated, so now I have nothing untill July 27th!

(account statistics 16)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

a word about Tannoys.... The Tannoys

you don't buy A Tannoy single... you have to buy them in pairs, that's trouble because one of them Exceeds your budget!
When Nick was talking to be about Tannoys he said HIS father had Big ones, he himself had only monitors... the small ones, which are really good, for studio purposes..
(small rooms)
But then I did some research and I found these Tannoys Definitions!
These are really animals!
They had a scratch on the front of there Red-wood the toughest wood in the country.... yeah They are build in Scotland By the way!
The best speakers in the world!
All I can remember when I first had them.... the Police... Oh No!
No - the First thing was I blown a NAD amplifier.... The Speakers blew up the amplifier.... talking about feedback power...!
Then I had a NAD 314 amplifier for 3 weeks while my 312 was repaired, but it was really TEASING, a NAD 314 would really be better... You know this Soundsystem hehhehe can do 110Db at 1 meter, this is regular Pop-concert volume...!

I now have a 15 watts NAD amplifier and it blows away all the street!

When I had it the first week... the police had to come at my door... with extreme BIG headlights....
shining through my Luxaflex... in the middle of the night... and asking... Mister... are you drunken?
I answered: "Almost"
and then later I get that!

It's in fact all of the Tannoys that I had to remove!

The Tannoys Definition 700 series ...they really changed my life!
I cannot tell you with words...
It has to do with ears....

(they were $2000 EACH and I got them half price... I dont know why.... they just wanted to sel them.... and I didnt have to pay taxes... BTW!)

Vierduizend Gulden, maar dan heb je ook wat

Ik weet nog toen ik ging verhuizen, I said to Sandro,
"I sleep where the Tannoys are"
The day we moved them...
It was my Lucky day.... I had a Music guy who understood the Tannoys were the Most important! are the best! (40 kilogram each!)
even at midnight!


Tim Kuijk on the move!

By David Utter

If an artist wants to copyright a song for Internet transmittal rights in Europe, the process requires applications to each of 25 countries involved. That's a lengthy, expensive, complicated process few wish to undertake. The numbers provide evidence that this is the case. European online music revenues didn't crack $33 million USD, while sales in the US rang up around $248 million. Musicians earn money by licensing their songs. But the barrier to entry in the EU has proven to be as problem. The EU wants to address this by creating a single copyright licensing agency that would cover rights in all of its member nations.
"Central clearance is not about making content available on the cheap. It offers a model whereby Europe's creative community will get the lion's share in revenues achieved online," said EU Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy. With more content licensed, more music would be available for purchase. In turn, the EU would collect tax on the sale of each song. The EU sees that single-copyright source model as one that would save money and increase efficiency overall. The Commission said in a statement: "(T)he most effective model for achieving this is to enable right-holders to authorize a collecting society of their choice to manage their works across the entire EU." "This would create a competitive environment for cross-border management of copyright and considerably enhance right-holders' earning potential." In a study on copyright and licensing within the EU, the researchers put forth the opinion that music has "unique potential as a driver for online content services."
About the Author:David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Click to play directly or read below first

"Winos do not march!"

(or pc-man revisited)
There was even a time when we played this at work!
Must have at least been 6 years ago that I played this freakin' game. I actually quit with it when Bill gave me his laptop, whereon you couldnt reach the arrows correctly. But there were years that I used to play on my old IBM keyboard, at least one hour a day. Maybe sometimes 2. The perfect way was with a tape I had made from 'Guitar' (1987?) with Winos do not March 3 times on it, and the fabulous Jimmy & Tammy's Upper Room (the Swaggerts that is :))

This game, I stated that many times is still the best PC-game ever made. This first version (PLAY HERE) -but make sure your pc is DOS-enabled, because this is from 1981 - a time when you didnt even know you'd be having a pc in your living room, or werent even born maybe! Eh I was saying, this first version by Greg Kuperberg (whatever happened to Greg Kuperberg?) has never been surpassed by any following versions. I can tell because in the early days of Internet ('94) i had to search like hell before I found this one back... I have lost the one with the date on it, pity. [to quit press cntrl-alt-del once and End task]
I once had made a list with arguments why this game is better than almost everything in gameland, apart from serious stuff like Go (of course...).
* One of the big reasons is, that it's never the pacmans fault if you lose one life. But still it seems (to me) impossible to reach 100 thousands, it seems physically, motorically impossible, but the Game itself doesnt prevent it! This is not the case with any other version I know of (and believe me...)
(That High Score below is from my first game today since 1998 or so, highest ever was 89.000, I wonder if anybody knows anyone who scored above 100-)
* You can also hardly call this game violent, although you get eaten and you die.
* I think I only played it once to get addicted to it.
* It's auto-instructing: this means it shows you how's the best way to play.
* Cowardess is punished - bravery rewarded.
(remember this is a "dot-com-file", but not a website!)

pacman revisited

Sunday, July 10, 2005


god damnit... I just had this VDG allowence... subsidy... for longterm goods,
now my monitor Sony Trinitron breaks down... it makes sounds, it blurs, and it stumbles...
Send me a SCREEN!

Friday, July 08, 2005

of course it was Jr Mintz highschoool...! I knew it

the Speed Freak Boogie comes later,,,, when I found disk space

no-one ever lstened to the Jr Mintz Boogie though what Am I doing it for...?

No zappa freaks or guitar freaks have come by

OKAY then
Go To The Archive and look up the Green Light!

That's Public Files... But mine arent still...

(Digital rights I have!)

nobody else has this digitally from MY tapes...

streamload of shit

Hi,Thanks for contacting Streamload. All uploads need to be processed by our system before they become available. Usually this process is instant or only takes a few minutes, but at the moment we are a bit behind on upload processing and hopefully will be caught up soon.Unfortunately no, Freeloader accounts cannot host files so in order to host any files you'll need a paid subscription (which won't have the 10MB limit).If you have any other questions or comments, please let us know!Regards,JonStreamload Supportwww.streamload.comStreamload Username: jonOn Fri, 08 Jul 2005 07:56:00 -0700, wrote:> hi> 2 questions:> what means status is "processing"> file not yet available?> > > So when I want to open an mp3 from my website with a link,> then the URL> will be ?> and files bigger then 10Mb can not be opened?> > ok 3 questions?> > I'm trying to find an EASY way...> > bye> kee> > open for comments now:>

online storage (continued...)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

see? I can't get a photo of this lamp, it's too fast!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Finnikan's wake

yes yes yes I heard all about it... trying to translate in DUTCH... hmmmm funny it's the same guys who translate John Lennon and B Dylan... also impssible
so they translated Finnigan's Wake in DUTCH so what?
It's misconception of understanding of language and of Joyce himself!

it is SO stupid to translate a song... even Yesterday was totally wrong..
and EVERYTHING they did on Fimnigans was SO cheap, it would (or wouldn't) pass my language barrier...
which Fiinnnniiiggaannn did

so "Kunststof" can pass away


"The communications between you and the Archive may pass through many machines, operating systems, programs, browsers, Web servers, networks, routers, Ethernet switches, Internet service providers, proxy servers, intranets, the public phone system, or other devices (collectively, "Devices") on your premises, at the Archive, and in between. Some of these Devices create logs of activities that are recorded on computer systems."

Lumpy Gravy slideshow

Now i may have found a place where I've been looking for:

at the gas station
(just wait 40 seconds it will load down to your slow system....:))

Adds to my Google-thread

"[...] Those public-sector sites, such as the org, edu and gov domains, do not provide direct income, even though the web would be unattractive without them.
All the excitement over a revived online ad market, pushed by pundits hoping for another dot-com gold rush, is beginning to look like the days when AltaVista decided that portals were the Next Big Thing. That notion caused AltaVista to lose interest in improving their crawling and searching -- which is how Google succeeded in the first place.

There has been almost no interest in establishing search engines that specialize in public-sector websites. Where is the Library of Congress? Where are the millions of dollars doled out by the Ford Foundation? How about the United Nations? Why can't some enlightened European entity pick up the slack? Everyone is asleep, while the Internet is getting spammed to death. [...] "

from Google as Big Brother

Deep Impact July the 4th

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Edinburgh today

Friday, July 01, 2005

some people try to own communities....

Djezusss ... I try to be nice one time... post a HINT on blogging Community (Yahoo) about saving your template, starts this Kevin Lawyer a Bullshit argument about Word adding Codes to your textfile... well I dont know which Word he uses, but in my notebook, you don't save HTML -text codes in a WYSIWYG editor!
Now he says Web-editting isnt EASY...! But he doesnt even SEE my point!
Some people are so selfcentered they cant be argued with, because they dont even listen! They just SUPPOSE that they are attacked and so they will always strive against you, no matter what you say, it's just their attitude! No Mirror around???

I may have to tell Google about this!
They don't understand the difference between [Edit HTML] and [compose] see above....

So, that was it for Yahoo blogging community.... bye bye folks, happy I found Stacy there, but she seems to have lost it there too.. hehehe...

and keep saving those templates! HAHA

Suzy Quattro

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