Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What if we all payed each other to help each other to find a job?

This is going to be so fucking Dutch, that I better write it in Dutch, but because only 3% of my readers are Dutch, most come from English speaking countries (although the French still don't speak English enoug), I shall have to try!

Borderlog # so much

If I write this for Dutch people in Dutch they will hardly understand, so if I write it for Non-English speaking people (by mothertongue, like me) who don' live in Netherlands it will be totally nuts

I AM a Borderline ok? no, I suffer from borderline personality disorder... which is not the same... but about that later...

So Everybody KNOWS that, and few know how to deal with it... Me the least...

For ten years the Social Security Department knows this too, and not the least.. I've been conquering them with all my powerful LETTERS... which I mostl threw away, last year... but I wrote more then 10.000 letters to Governments of all sorts, Courts, and EVEN judges! Because I hate them still for ruining MY Life by just following the LAW!

so... then I was LIBERATED in 1994 or so...
almost 40 ...
and I didnt have to work no more, no more responsibillities, only freaking... We call that the Herman Brood Syndrome... but later a brain attack (C.V.A.) not serious but damging, and PLUS
not recognized yet by medicals, strengthening the BPD (borderline disorder)

Then 5 years of more fighting against all this... BEFORE I EVEN KNEW I HAD IT

then I got diagnozed, and moved to this great house, where everything was more quiet and to MYSELF...

I became totally ON myself...

and in those years I tried many things to get away from WELFARE (Social security)
but the struggle against Society itself was still there Every Freaking day!
so you couldnt control anger many times...

and BLAME everybody

In 2000 ( a year number) I had this psychotherapist who was also Coaching top-sporters...
Yeah...he was a great guy!
I lost him because he wanted Ajax players to work with!

He helped me a lot because the KEY word is coaching!

I knewwwwww that in 2000
already freaked out by psychiatry, and a lot of BPD mailing lists

I have never coached anybody in my life... NOR did anybody coach me or was it my mother..
(?????question marks on request!)

You know how it goes... I tried so many ways to find a new coach (sounds like carriage doesnt it? (for my English speaking friends))
A GUIDE is maybe a better word!

So.. eh...what was I going to tell?

I stead of Opposing to me, the Social welfare department has now called in for GUIDES among them sufferers... like me... SO I'm no longer searching for a GUIDE, or coach,
I'm going to be one!

Training included, all subsidized...

(psssht... dont tell any: by the EU....I'm in a PILOT project!)

Teach Everybody to COACH!

because then they can teach others to teach others to learn to teach coaching too!

...and everybody has a job (or something like that) and is off the streets! and who knows, later in the process... you might find something other to do than MLM


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