Friday, June 17, 2005

I don't want to audioblog, but I want to blog audio!

[email to - not answered)

hi there,
after I create an audioblogger account,
and LOGIN>
all I get is account INFO, and it shows an USA tel. number, (415.856.0205) when I call it nothing happens.

And it is not even what I want!

All I want is to put some more mp3's on my blog to share with viewers,
so they can click on it and listen to Howard Stern dating Gail Zappa, 4 days after Frank died! (1993) Not available on Google Music (HAHAHA!)

I read so many things about storing 2 GB on GMAIL, but Google seems to refuse me, I AM UN-ABLE TO GET A GMAIL ACCOUNT! far...

So, just tell me, CAN i get some more AUDIO files on my blog or not?????
AND HOW then????

I enjoyed very much so far,
so dont disappoint me!

kee'z debtlog


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