Saturday, June 04, 2005

everybody is afraid of the Speed Freak Boogie!

God damn it! Write Possitive!
You guys & gals are all sitting there with your Triple Dolby Surround sound systems, or maybe you just wearing earplugz,
But who the Fuck is gonna tell me how the Speed Freak Boogie sounds on your site of the web! Jesus!

Now I finally know why it's called the Free Masonery,
that's because they wanted to RE-build the castle of King Solomon !
well... So far they havent succeeded,
but when I Finnish this recording JOB for YOU moderate Listeners.... and readers too... You will be able to get close!
You will find out when I'm dead probably....

Djeezzzz I dont know what this is.... what I'm playing now, but it's SO absurd in tune!
Incredible Oh No!

If I were YOU, I would terrorize neighbours and family with that Speed Freak Boogie 12 times per day!

't is gewoon BIG Swifty man!

Get ready for this! Prepare yo ear!

Sophia Warren


Blogger kee said...

it still could be Jr. Mintz Highschool too ....btw

8:08 AM, June 04, 2005  

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