Monday, June 13, 2005

'Debt Reduction Strategy Paper'

$,- for 18 countries. Don't seem much to me, or is it per year?

These are only debts they had with either the WorldBank (Melkert! wah!) or the IMF. Now... everybody could already know, that these countries are in fafct NOT even paying the interest on these loans for more than 10 years (an agreement from 1996). These debts were already marked as UNcollectable when they were granted...

So, now they (the G8) can demand further access to these third world markets for their lousy cell-phones, and ultra-cheap, subsidized chicken-sticks.
And all media call that an Historical Breakthrough!
Bullshit, in 5 years we will see nothing has changed.

In the mean time, my debt increases with at least €300,- per month!


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