Thursday, June 09, 2005

Billy Gates revisited

One good idea for bloggers to get attention from Search Engines, is name dropping,
Like if you have Joe or Stacy Arrington on your site, be sure of high ranking ^____^ Joke!

now about Billy Gates,, I saw documentaries about him... on TV!
This was when I was interested in IT business...

and the ONLY real thing Bill Gates did was, he invented DOS 1.0 in 2 weeks...
that is not so ashtonishing, but what is asthonishing, that since 1981 Windows is still a lot DOS-based... it never came loose from the old C:>chkdsk c:
command structure,
in fact you could say, Windows hi-jacked the PC STRUCTURE as it is BUILT qua thinking, and they (MS) never allowed some other thinking about the same subject.....f.i. Linux

as a political investigator...I'd say Bill Gates was already bought by the governemnt in the late 80's when they announced Windows 95 which appeared around 1998 due to copyright problems.... ALREADY then these issues of Freedom of Progamming were addressed by advocates of the Free Speech of mind.... but NO JUDGE older than 50 years understood that, Plus ALL Higher Court Judges in the USA were appointed for life by Ronald Reagan, so all fascist in a way, control the MEDIA and you control the MINDS...
that's Big Brother, yes I know
and Bill Gates is the Younger Brother.... the Wizz Kid who helped constituting this state of affairs...

Nowadays NOBODY is waiting for Windows 2016 or something,
No what we are waiting for is Google-Desktop-Sitemapping!

And I tell you it's already there!

where 'sitemapping' means : They know everything what you do on Internet!

and you LET them know... because now you're on - which owned by Google, Inc.
is Yahoo = Time Warner

There used to be Alta-Vista in the OLD days remeber...?
completely obscure now...

don't go to asta-lavista either, because it used to be nice for unorthodox searches... hacking stuff and such, it's now completely Obsolete!

and Bill Gates didnt do anything else then invent the commands:
or cd>
or was it copy con?
the best idea ever...
Copy what I type on screen (console) now...
File create thingy
it took almost 20 years to get rid of that!
Talk about progress...!

Bill Gates, after he invented DOS, I think it was in a Hotel in Seattle, near Redmond, and he only drank fruitjuices for 2 weeks, to be first before MacIntosh!
and the rest is marketing...
Gates got bought by the governemnt because they saw the Impact...

that's why...


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