Friday, May 13, 2005

Yahoo Music... etc.

[...] Where Yahoo makes its biggest impact will be the pricing department.
A year of Yahoo Music costs less that $60, about a third of what Napster and Real charge.

Yahoo has a lower price per song for those who want to burn music to CD, at 79 cents per track.

The market responded predictably to the news.

RealNetworks shares fell $1.54, or 21 percent, to $5.76. Napster fell $1.70, or 27 percent, to $4.65. Even Apple, purveyors of the popular iTunes Music Store, may have been affected by the news, falling 81 cents to $35.61. Yahoo enjoyed a rise of 82 cents to $34.88. Apple can have some say on the success of Yahoo's music service. Yahoo doesn't support AAC encoding, which is the format for songs that are destined for an iPod.

Instead, Yahoo songs will have Microsoft's digital rights management technology, called Janus in place.


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Blogger kee said...

hej De Bie! 't is 8.15am;
ben je al klaar??

8:33 AM, May 13, 2005  
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