Monday, May 23, 2005

The Torture Never Stops... (1976)

border's update 3

I wanted to write about addictions today, and now the day is gone because my addictions...

"Writing is a worse addiction than heroin" said W.F. Hermans (Sadistical Universe 1), the Only Best philosopher writer in Dutch!

and everybody who writes knows that, but not probable everybody who uses DRUGA...
(I better not use the word DRUGZ because Google has filters on that, and though I AM trying to get copyrights on all words that end on a Z.... it's still in the making...)

..I cannot speak for al borderliners, nor for any blogger, but for me,
I get addicted to everything you may get addicted to... it may be alcohol (happened too soon in my life, sorry)
hashiesh, (I never liked to try anything stronger, because I knew from the beginning if it was more addictive, I would...etc...), music, video-games, (pc-Man!), you name it...

and seks of course in a way, because because of Google we don't like that anymuch more...

or is it my AGE?

Or is it because I didnt get used to it?
Or is it prohibited no more?

read :
Sex no longer the Human drive!


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