Sunday, May 29, 2005

re keyboard

Oh D. ...

I wrote you a whole email in the subject line...
(now you can see the maximum number of characters a subject line can have)
i'm really so sick of myself dear D.
I cant do it anymore...
drinking dont help, Only 1 hour fun, from 21-22 evenings now 21.50
I only like it when my tag messages only consist of women...

The whole day I've been playing James Brown on my listener...I called it "Except Sex Machine!"it was really a big deja vu.... because all these big hits from JB are on your Gonna Be Allright cd, but then remade by the Residents... it's so great to have the originals...The Residents forgat
Mashed Potatoes,
but they did :
Try Me!
I Lost Someone (greater than stars)
Night Train (fabulous Hit in the 70's)
and no Teddy bear is on an other cd...:)
they didnt do Men's world

It's a Mens world...Of course
but it wouldnt be nothing without a woman or a girl
yeah that's the truth
James Brown was really a Blues singer did yo know... he started early in 1956
One year after I born, shouldnt he dead by now? yeah that were great overdistorted recordings of Hammond-organs... and Gospel-Soul, by Mr. Brown...the devil he was called by Whitered-neck Americans...we have to remember that Mo-Town Pimp!

James Brown revisited!

Later in the 80's Bill Cosby tried to re-do this stuff... as IF he was aWhite nigger.... but he was!He allways has been! Bill Cosby the White Nigger.... But James Brown the real black one! They busted him so many times...BECAUSE he is a Nigger! The Sex Machine
ok.... maybe I'll make Mashed Potatoes the hit oif Next week, for you who dont listen at all! Mashed Potatoes is really a great Instrumental by the JB's, while James is going out for sex... or food or something ...maybe coca cola.... that's why I make Mashed Potatoe Hit of the week ...for the last time!


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