Sunday, May 22, 2005

Parliamentary Democracy is dead

[EU referendum 2]

or: Interactive blogging with the prime-minister

Yes folks, it's true, I posed a question to the P.M. (mr. Balkenende, super-right-wing-christian), which he is hopefully going to answer in 2 hours on Radio 1 (news radio).

As I wrote already many years before, democracy is a word which no longer has its original meaning.
(i'll look that essay up later)

So, I'm asking the P.M.: what if I listen to Opinion-radio (the voice of the People) read: stand-point-nl, for 2 years every day,
and every day when the standpoint is a proposal by the government, then 75% of the listeners vote against it. And it does not make any significant difference if only 100 people vote, of if 1500 people vote; the score will only differ 1 or 2 %. (I checked this for weeks in a row)

So, in case of this EU referendum, I ask the PM, what if 40% of the Dutch voters take the trouble to go voting; and from them 64 % is against (latest polls) , then what is the democratic legitimacy of this referendum?
Retorical question yes, because there is no legitimacy... Neither has this government for already 2 years!
So a governemnt -not- wanted by the people is going to sign a Treaty (no it's no constitution) about a Europe the people don't want.

So, do not vote at all, because if the percentage of voters goes below 40%, then my standpoint becomes increasingly true.


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