Saturday, May 14, 2005

La Machine Google et la Francophonie

En fait, je dois ecriver cette piece en Francais, mais peut-etre il y a une machine que peut traduitre...

Googlization 2

First we had the discussion whether a Search Engine can (uberhaupt) have any political prejudices, or be biased; (see below),
but now they brought up the Issue about Anglo-Saxon, language-wise supremacy by the globalization of English in General (as the number one language on Internet) (see post below)

and in addition to that,

the ruling of Google search results, thus determining a googleized view of 'the World' (whatever subject: politically, historically, literature-wise, etcetera [a French word by the way])

Instead of continuing quoting all sorts of articles I come accross,
I want to state that this is a very important issue; even when you don't see it yet, in fact it is one of the main subjects of this blog. [(a hidden subject yeah! - to distract the search engines!)] is also Google, although most of you don't realize that at all, it's just a handi tool for creating your own book. But what if you live in India? - Already Brittishized (word by me) in the 19th century!-
Most people (western people that is) don't even realize that there is no such thing as THE Indian Language. So be happy that a lot of Indian people speak English already (how many I have to look up, but certainly more than the number of Americans that speak any Indian language (Tamil, Hindu, etc.) - but this is a side-path-

Yesterday I was browsing blogger-logs (press Next blog button upper-right corner of screen), and I entered two sites with pop-up advertising, which is absurb because my browser doesnt allow any pop-ups and works 100% accurate already for 3 years - but
worse- there was one fucking blog about teddy bears! (a top-ranked search engine keyword, I happen to know) that forced you to go upgrade Internet Explorer! Also known as MSEI... Microsft! (It's not Micro and it's not Soft)
I still have to report this to - just to see their reaction- It's absolutely way over the line... The only thing I could do to stop it was shut down all programs... which I NEVER EVER had to do the past 5 years!

As I told you before, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Yahoo and Time-Warner is all one company, and when I read an interview with Billy -need-an-update Gates, it scares me how enourmously political all his answers are. (I suspect him of studying Chinese in his spare time!)

If -when- you use a mobile phone, do you know who made the software for it? And do you know How and When you get updates for that? Are they telling you? I can finally put Teddy-bear(s) in my meta keywords! Legally!

do not use Windows Media Player 8 or higher, because it sucks.


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