Tuesday, May 17, 2005

home taping is still illegal

he, now you finally understood what this is all about, Pity you, you have to read it all backwards... I type it Upside down and it appears downside up...or You have to start at the end!

But ok it's all about Home Taping!

There Used to be a time, BASF and TDK companies allways threatened companies about getting a fee for USE of their tapes!
because if you copy a tape, you copy selling rights too... I add this for chinese people, because when they all start to download Beatles records... Prince will be real rich...

The difference between China and USA is that every ISP in USA knows every credit card number of every user...
(I dont recommend having a credit card in any way)
but after the Chinese go pay Electrroniccallyy... they will all be bought by Google
Or sold, or whatever...
You are ALL working toward that state of affairs!

Whatever Google says you will do, and whatever offer they do to you it will feel good,

You have fun with THEIR content! (Oh. you already use their web accelerator??)

But, I'm still not finished with copying my OWN tapes to DIGITAL format, and NO LAW can stop me, because I'm doing historical, artistical work!

The Government have soon to give me a new keeeboard because this one really sucks
I want an IBM keyboard!

Otherwise I dont type anymore.

Microsoft has bought your WHOLE sound directory haha... You can only play your own records if you PAY, because it's an artistical event... and Microsoft bought all artistical events on your screen.. Now this ALL because you believed in Microsoft!

Googled by the government, the Home Land Security Dept. and YOU!

You ALL love (embrace) it, that's why it EXISTS!


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