Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Improvised by the writer at the moment this publication was given in the hands of the Printer.

( I have to translate this tomorrow in English, while it was originally written in Russain! Georgian, Kaukkasus)

"The numerous deductions and conclusions that were the result of my experimental searches, about the profit the present mankind can enjoy from the newest ways they can read and hear!
reminds me of a very old proverb that came to us by speech of mouth:

"Every prayer can be heard by higher spirits...
on account that it is spoken three times:

the first time for the rest and peace of our parents
second time, for the welbeing who are next of kin

and thirdly,
at last, for our own wel-being....

I consider it as Necesary to point to this, on the first page of this book,
to take to mind this, when I give it in the hands of the Publisher:

"Read everything I write three times.
The First time at least how you are used to reading, as you read your newspaper, and books,

The second time as if you are reading it to an unknown listener,,,

and the third time as if you were trying to understand what I'm writing to you,,,
in realaity

Then and Then only you will be able to form an unpolitical, OWN, judgement about what I'm writing about.

Only then, you will be capable of judging for your own account, And only then my wish will be fulfilled to enlighten you with what I found, according to your comprehension-level ,
which will be my purpose, and I wish you too with all my heart and my compassion! "

Gurdjieff, probably around 1915
have to look it up


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