Thursday, May 12, 2005

bad news messenger

Whatever happened to 'intelligence' in the world?

Now I've always said that the Americans are probably the most stupid - or held dumb- people in the world;
and now here's another proof of that...

For 50 years now, the American people are being brought up with a tv-set that shows them every godgiven day, that ALL problems can be solved with one pull of the trigger. If someone makes a wrong move, shoot him! If someone's face is wrong, kill!
Don't you think this type of subliminal influencing doesnt have any effect on how people think? After all these years.

So, Kevin Sites is the bad guy, the bringer of the news.
Sites (blog not updated since january), an embedded video-journalist for cnn, shot some footage of US Army soldiers, shooting dead (in cold blood that's cold) wounded Iraqi's. And they didn't look like soldiers to me. Didn't even make a wrong move, one of them was crying "Wounded, wounded" - but then in Arabic, so the US marine did: click, click, click, and the Iraqi was dead.

And Kevin Sites decided to make this coverage on video available to the public, and now he gets threatened heavily by the American public, 1000 hate-mails a day! Deaththreats, electric chair and: "he's not an American by making that public...." etc.

If -and they did- these American soldiers commit war crimes even with a camera ON, that proofs my point! 50 Years of TV (and Rambo-movies) has made them pathetically patriotic. A disease which causes xenofobia.


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