Monday, May 30, 2005

€ 200.000.000,- per year !

Twelve times a year, the EU parliament moves from Bruxelles to Strassbourg (and vice versa);
costs € 200 million per year. A matter of prestige.


je ne vote pas du tous

Sunday, May 29, 2005

re keyboard

Oh D. ...

I wrote you a whole email in the subject line...
(now you can see the maximum number of characters a subject line can have)
i'm really so sick of myself dear D.
I cant do it anymore...
drinking dont help, Only 1 hour fun, from 21-22 evenings now 21.50
I only like it when my tag messages only consist of women...

The whole day I've been playing James Brown on my listener...I called it "Except Sex Machine!"it was really a big deja vu.... because all these big hits from JB are on your Gonna Be Allright cd, but then remade by the Residents... it's so great to have the originals...The Residents forgat
Mashed Potatoes,
but they did :
Try Me!
I Lost Someone (greater than stars)
Night Train (fabulous Hit in the 70's)
and no Teddy bear is on an other cd...:)
they didnt do Men's world

It's a Mens world...Of course
but it wouldnt be nothing without a woman or a girl
yeah that's the truth
James Brown was really a Blues singer did yo know... he started early in 1956
One year after I born, shouldnt he dead by now? yeah that were great overdistorted recordings of Hammond-organs... and Gospel-Soul, by Mr. Brown...the devil he was called by Whitered-neck Americans...we have to remember that Mo-Town Pimp!

James Brown revisited!

Later in the 80's Bill Cosby tried to re-do this stuff... as IF he was aWhite nigger.... but he was!He allways has been! Bill Cosby the White Nigger.... But James Brown the real black one! They busted him so many times...BECAUSE he is a Nigger! The Sex Machine
ok.... maybe I'll make Mashed Potatoes the hit oif Next week, for you who dont listen at all! Mashed Potatoes is really a great Instrumental by the JB's, while James is going out for sex... or food or something ...maybe coca cola.... that's why I make Mashed Potatoe Hit of the week ...for the last time!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Improvised by the writer at the moment this publication was given in the hands of the Printer.

( I have to translate this tomorrow in English, while it was originally written in Russain! Georgian, Kaukkasus)

"The numerous deductions and conclusions that were the result of my experimental searches, about the profit the present mankind can enjoy from the newest ways they can read and hear!
reminds me of a very old proverb that came to us by speech of mouth:

"Every prayer can be heard by higher spirits...
on account that it is spoken three times:

the first time for the rest and peace of our parents
second time, for the welbeing who are next of kin

and thirdly,
at last, for our own wel-being....

I consider it as Necesary to point to this, on the first page of this book,
to take to mind this, when I give it in the hands of the Publisher:

"Read everything I write three times.
The First time at least how you are used to reading, as you read your newspaper, and books,

The second time as if you are reading it to an unknown listener,,,

and the third time as if you were trying to understand what I'm writing to you,,,
in realaity

Then and Then only you will be able to form an unpolitical, OWN, judgement about what I'm writing about.

Only then, you will be capable of judging for your own account, And only then my wish will be fulfilled to enlighten you with what I found, according to your comprehension-level ,
which will be my purpose, and I wish you too with all my heart and my compassion! "

Gurdjieff, probably around 1915
have to look it up

now have to go back there, before they change 'Montana'

Monday, May 23, 2005

sex no longer the Hman Drive...

hey -fun-time
I read something on Bravenet-news..or WirePro,news or whatever they said you have to have 3 things on your site

rest was art, idieas, politicx, traffic control and space navigators... (heyhey Polls, tagboards...and what have you - LINKS)

There will coma a day when the Pope says Google is better than Condoms!

The Americans dont even have a word for's so new!
They use rubber tires from old bicycles..
they use Pipes from old bicycles too.. because as long as it's NOT intimate, it's not sex...
Clinton area

SEX doesnt exist in America

sex in the United states goes as far as Advetisements and Video clips...
But I NEVER ever saw ANY American Movie which supported SEX
as something beautifully BIOLOGIC


has been KILLED by Hollywood

Because Love as configured by Holywood, and your Cable telvision where you download all this manufactured shit, IS ALL ABOUT WAR!

For 40 years I watched Holywood Movies... and it's all about war...!

And Non-Holywood movies are about war against Holywood ID's
(M Moore)

So, Why?
Why are you still using your TV?

I told yo so many years ago, when I was enjoying drinking, that you have to quit watching TV

TV is the ASSHOLE of Blogging!




The Torture Never Stops... (1976)

border's update 3

I wanted to write about addictions today, and now the day is gone because my addictions...

"Writing is a worse addiction than heroin" said W.F. Hermans (Sadistical Universe 1), the Only Best philosopher writer in Dutch!

and everybody who writes knows that, but not probable everybody who uses DRUGA...
(I better not use the word DRUGZ because Google has filters on that, and though I AM trying to get copyrights on all words that end on a Z.... it's still in the making...)

..I cannot speak for al borderliners, nor for any blogger, but for me,
I get addicted to everything you may get addicted to... it may be alcohol (happened too soon in my life, sorry)
hashiesh, (I never liked to try anything stronger, because I knew from the beginning if it was more addictive, I would...etc...), music, video-games, (pc-Man!), you name it...

and seks of course in a way, because because of Google we don't like that anymuch more...

or is it my AGE?

Or is it because I didnt get used to it?
Or is it prohibited no more?

read :
Sex no longer the Human drive!

Google search on Bee'z log


kee'z debtlog (English)...
Vandaag eens voor 't eerst op geweest. Meneer had een prijs gewonnenen mocht een uur lang live bloggen op radio 1 (Kunststof). - 19k -
In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

old envelop (1984)

"No Milk Today"

(installed 2 new 'hits of the week')

Now two weeks ago I asked everybody in my addressbook if they could listen to my Audio-files and tell me how it sounds. Just curious, you never know how it works (if it works) on distance.

No-One replied! So, you call that FeedBack...?


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Parliamentary Democracy is dead

[EU referendum 2]

or: Interactive blogging with the prime-minister

Yes folks, it's true, I posed a question to the P.M. (mr. Balkenende, super-right-wing-christian), which he is hopefully going to answer in 2 hours on Radio 1 (news radio).

As I wrote already many years before, democracy is a word which no longer has its original meaning.
(i'll look that essay up later)

So, I'm asking the P.M.: what if I listen to Opinion-radio (the voice of the People) read: stand-point-nl, for 2 years every day,
and every day when the standpoint is a proposal by the government, then 75% of the listeners vote against it. And it does not make any significant difference if only 100 people vote, of if 1500 people vote; the score will only differ 1 or 2 %. (I checked this for weeks in a row)

So, in case of this EU referendum, I ask the PM, what if 40% of the Dutch voters take the trouble to go voting; and from them 64 % is against (latest polls) , then what is the democratic legitimacy of this referendum?
Retorical question yes, because there is no legitimacy... Neither has this government for already 2 years!
So a governemnt -not- wanted by the people is going to sign a Treaty (no it's no constitution) about a Europe the people don't want.

So, do not vote at all, because if the percentage of voters goes below 40%, then my standpoint becomes increasingly true.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

absolutely addictive

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

home taping is still illegal

he, now you finally understood what this is all about, Pity you, you have to read it all backwards... I type it Upside down and it appears downside up...or You have to start at the end!

But ok it's all about Home Taping!

There Used to be a time, BASF and TDK companies allways threatened companies about getting a fee for USE of their tapes!
because if you copy a tape, you copy selling rights too... I add this for chinese people, because when they all start to download Beatles records... Prince will be real rich...

The difference between China and USA is that every ISP in USA knows every credit card number of every user...
(I dont recommend having a credit card in any way)
but after the Chinese go pay Electrroniccallyy... they will all be bought by Google
Or sold, or whatever...
You are ALL working toward that state of affairs!

Whatever Google says you will do, and whatever offer they do to you it will feel good,

You have fun with THEIR content! (Oh. you already use their web accelerator??)

But, I'm still not finished with copying my OWN tapes to DIGITAL format, and NO LAW can stop me, because I'm doing historical, artistical work!

The Government have soon to give me a new keeeboard because this one really sucks
I want an IBM keyboard!

Otherwise I dont type anymore.

Microsoft has bought your WHOLE sound directory haha... You can only play your own records if you PAY, because it's an artistical event... and Microsoft bought all artistical events on your screen.. Now this ALL because you believed in Microsoft!

Googled by the government, the Home Land Security Dept. and YOU!

You ALL love (embrace) it, that's why it EXISTS!

thanks for the support 2

googleization 3

"So Apple takes over video and movies while Yahoo threatens with a low-priced music subscription service and Google threatens to take control of, well, everything.

And Microsoft? Microsoft kicks the dog. "

Robert X. Cringeley

MS DRM (aka Janus)

or: digital rights management further investigated

Quote from March 2004:

Have you noticed how the word "legitimate" is becoming content industry code for "restricted"? But here, note that the consumer's goal of taking stuff they've bought "wherever they want" is something that Microsoft's new DRM will "ultimately" allow. And you can read into it the music industry's goal of policing what the consumer can and cannot do with "purchased" content." (

May, 2004:

Microsoft Announces New Version of Windows Media Digital Rights Management Software
America Online, CinemaNow, Creative, Dell, Disney, Motorola, Napster, OD2 and SigmaTel Embrace New DRM to Enable Delivery of Subscription or Video-on-Demand Content to Portable Devices and Over Home Networks
REDMOND, Wash. -- May 2, 2004 -- Microsoft Corp. today unveiled the features of the next version of its Windows Media® Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, and announced early adopters of the platform, including leading online music and movie services, entertainment companies, consumer electronics manufacturers and chip makers. Microsoft's next generation of Windows Media DRM technology will make new scenarios possible, such as protecting, delivering and playing subscription-based or on-demand digital music and video. These scenarios span Windows®-based PCs and devices, including portable audio devices, Portable Media Centers, cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as Windows Mobile (TM) -based Pocket PCs and Smartphones, and networked devices connected within the home, including those that connect over a wireless network. " (Microsoft news bulletin)

In May 2005, only two hits for Janus on whole MS website (apart from 8 forum-mentioning)

From WinMediaPlayer 10 manual:

"One important new feature to the Portable Media Center and Windows Media Player 10 is the improved capabilities in buying, playing, and transferring DRM-protected content to your Portable Media Center device. The DRM version commonly known by the codename “Janus” is included in the Portable Media Center OS image. The digital rights of music purchased from online music stores like MSN Music and Napster can now transferred, along with the content, to and from Portable Media Center devices. "

Typical MS news bulletin heading:

Microsoft and Disney Announce Multiyear Agreement to Cooperate On Digital Media Initiatives and for Disney to License Windows Media Digital Rights Management Software

Now, when you understand the subject,
must read this whole article:

Of TCPA, Palladium and Wernher von Braun
"That's not Manferdelli's fault, and it's not Microsoft's fault. Well, not that department, anyway. One can envisage scenarios where content providers could use Palladium to destroy compromised content, and indeed one does not have to envisage too hard. Microsoft, for example, has said quite a bit about how its secure media player technology can be used to deal with compromised devices, and the company is already checking IDs at Windows Update and denying service to compromised installations. Plus, according to the latest licences, the company reserves itself the right to "disable your ability to copy and/or play Secure Content." So although Manferdelli's department may be clean, it's still reasonable to worry about the other departments. And about what the entertainment business might do if given access to this kind of power.
Zaba, rationally enough, points out you can't have ideological controls in trusted computing platforms, and that this really has to be dealt with at the political level. True enough, but in the interim we'll likely be hearing a lot from Wernher von Braun " (

Monday, May 16, 2005


Sunday, May 15, 2005

weather forecast

Saturday, May 14, 2005

facts facts facts

As far as "widely accepted" and "a healthy dose of common sense" goes, remember that The United States is 49th in the world in literacy (the New York Times, Dec. 12, 2004), 28th out of 40 countries in mathematical literacy (NYT, Dec. 12, 2004), 20 % of Americans think the sun orbits the earth, and 17 % believe the earth revolves around the sun once a day (The Week, Jan. 7, 2005).

Regardless, they use emotional words without facts at all; not scientific analysis.

Jimmy Walter,

who visits EU this week

who says I'm paranoid?

La Machine Google et la Francophonie

En fait, je dois ecriver cette piece en Francais, mais peut-etre il y a une machine que peut traduitre...

Googlization 2

First we had the discussion whether a Search Engine can (uberhaupt) have any political prejudices, or be biased; (see below),
but now they brought up the Issue about Anglo-Saxon, language-wise supremacy by the globalization of English in General (as the number one language on Internet) (see post below)

and in addition to that,

the ruling of Google search results, thus determining a googleized view of 'the World' (whatever subject: politically, historically, literature-wise, etcetera [a French word by the way])

Instead of continuing quoting all sorts of articles I come accross,
I want to state that this is a very important issue; even when you don't see it yet, in fact it is one of the main subjects of this blog. [(a hidden subject yeah! - to distract the search engines!)] is also Google, although most of you don't realize that at all, it's just a handi tool for creating your own book. But what if you live in India? - Already Brittishized (word by me) in the 19th century!-
Most people (western people that is) don't even realize that there is no such thing as THE Indian Language. So be happy that a lot of Indian people speak English already (how many I have to look up, but certainly more than the number of Americans that speak any Indian language (Tamil, Hindu, etc.) - but this is a side-path-

Yesterday I was browsing blogger-logs (press Next blog button upper-right corner of screen), and I entered two sites with pop-up advertising, which is absurb because my browser doesnt allow any pop-ups and works 100% accurate already for 3 years - but
worse- there was one fucking blog about teddy bears! (a top-ranked search engine keyword, I happen to know) that forced you to go upgrade Internet Explorer! Also known as MSEI... Microsft! (It's not Micro and it's not Soft)
I still have to report this to - just to see their reaction- It's absolutely way over the line... The only thing I could do to stop it was shut down all programs... which I NEVER EVER had to do the past 5 years!

As I told you before, Microsoft, Google, AOL, Yahoo and Time-Warner is all one company, and when I read an interview with Billy -need-an-update Gates, it scares me how enourmously political all his answers are. (I suspect him of studying Chinese in his spare time!)

If -when- you use a mobile phone, do you know who made the software for it? And do you know How and When you get updates for that? Are they telling you? I can finally put Teddy-bear(s) in my meta keywords! Legally!

do not use Windows Media Player 8 or higher, because it sucks.

Friday, May 13, 2005

WEDL--Wacky Emotional Destructive Leader.

From: 20 questions to a better Personality

my personal sore 9.30 morning):

Wackiness: 66/100
Rationality: 40/100
Constructiveness: 50/100
Leadership: 64/100

You are a WEDL--Wacky Emotional Destructive Leader. This makes you a Anarchist.
You don't give a damn. When push comes to shove, you just forget about it--it's just not worth the heartache. What this means for others is that dealing with you can be aggravating, because they find they can't get you motivated about things they care about. What this means for you is that you are happier, calmer, and saner then they are on their best days.
You are near-immune to criticism, and those who know you well acknowledge and respect that. You may come across as lazy, but the truth is that you find little to get worked up about. Regardless, you have slews of friends, because they are fascinated by your world view, jealous of your lifestyle, and drawn to the fact that you are hilarious to be around.

You are a pillar in a sea of hot-bloodedness. You have a sweet tooth.

Of the 122273 people who have taken this quiz since tracking began (8/17/2004),
3 % are this type.

Diagnosis not quite right? Now that you've taken the quiz, you can view the personality key. If you have any attributes that are on the cusp, check out the personality that complements that attribute (in other words, if you're WEDF but only 55/100 Wacky, take a look at SEDF.)Write down what personality composite this quiz has given you, because viewing the key will erase your score.

Yahoo Music... etc.

[...] Where Yahoo makes its biggest impact will be the pricing department.
A year of Yahoo Music costs less that $60, about a third of what Napster and Real charge.

Yahoo has a lower price per song for those who want to burn music to CD, at 79 cents per track.

The market responded predictably to the news.

RealNetworks shares fell $1.54, or 21 percent, to $5.76. Napster fell $1.70, or 27 percent, to $4.65. Even Apple, purveyors of the popular iTunes Music Store, may have been affected by the news, falling 81 cents to $35.61. Yahoo enjoyed a rise of 82 cents to $34.88. Apple can have some say on the success of Yahoo's music service. Yahoo doesn't support AAC encoding, which is the format for songs that are destined for an iPod.

Instead, Yahoo songs will have Microsoft's digital rights management technology, called Janus in place.


Related Article for music freaks...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

bad news messenger

Whatever happened to 'intelligence' in the world?

Now I've always said that the Americans are probably the most stupid - or held dumb- people in the world;
and now here's another proof of that...

For 50 years now, the American people are being brought up with a tv-set that shows them every godgiven day, that ALL problems can be solved with one pull of the trigger. If someone makes a wrong move, shoot him! If someone's face is wrong, kill!
Don't you think this type of subliminal influencing doesnt have any effect on how people think? After all these years.

So, Kevin Sites is the bad guy, the bringer of the news.
Sites (blog not updated since january), an embedded video-journalist for cnn, shot some footage of US Army soldiers, shooting dead (in cold blood that's cold) wounded Iraqi's. And they didn't look like soldiers to me. Didn't even make a wrong move, one of them was crying "Wounded, wounded" - but then in Arabic, so the US marine did: click, click, click, and the Iraqi was dead.

And Kevin Sites decided to make this coverage on video available to the public, and now he gets threatened heavily by the American public, 1000 hate-mails a day! Deaththreats, electric chair and: "he's not an American by making that public...." etc.

If -and they did- these American soldiers commit war crimes even with a camera ON, that proofs my point! 50 Years of TV (and Rambo-movies) has made them pathetically patriotic. A disease which causes xenofobia.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

De Bie's log

Vandaag eens voor 't eerst op geweest. Meneer had een prijs gewonnen en mocht een uur lang live bloggen op radio 1 (Kunststof).

Ja, met een eigen domein op de vpro-computers, kan ik ook eindeloze geluidsfragmenten plaatsen en video.
En met behulp van 't vpro-internet lab is dan veel mogelijk!

Maar heeft GEEN Comments button, "want dat trekt maar schreeuwers aan"; nou daar heb ik nog niet veel van gemerkt. En het ontbreekt zo aan een belangrijk onderdeel van het bloggen, naar mijn idee, Interaktie.

Nee, De Bie, dan vind ik zo'n blog als Vonneke Was Here, veel beter!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Who said I'm paranoid?

"For the unwitting, it is largely assumed that this info-universe is under the tight, objective thumb of algorithms, a mathematical surety of neutrality.But in the world outside, humans prove craftier than processors, and find ways to outsmart search engines. Add some advertising, and the pure waters of objectivity become a cloudy, bleach-white mess."


For All the bloggers in the World: Spring!

House of the Rising Sun

"I have everything by Hendrix" ... "saw him 3 times, live, in California"

Wah-wah! What a guy!
I only said: "Have you ever heard House of the Rising Sun by Jimi...?"
Then he started talking... I know this guy for 20 years now, and we maybe spoke now more than in all those years!

Listen to this! Absolute collectors Item!

Those LP's are worth a lot, he added, better check before you do them away, check the value...!
Yeah, see you... Bye.

[Dirk! Zeg tegen John dat-ie die box met 10 LP's niet wegdoet, collectors Item]

Monday, May 09, 2005

normally I don't do this

new borderlog

dag mevrouw S.,

op mijn voice mail hoorde ik -drie dagen later- dat ik een brief zou krijgen over 23 mei, voor RVC afspraak, (Purmerend) , maar sindsdien niets van U noch hen vernomen;

ik weet al 5 jaar dat Borderliners _in feite_
als onbehandelbaar worden beschouwd, maar soms denk ik 't wel....

ik zou dus moeten "behandeld" (moeten) worden... voor iets dat ik al 38 jaar heb...

terwijl de Oplossing.... wat geld verdienen, NIET bij het CWI (AbeitsEinsatz) ligt
en ook niet bij U ... bij MIJ, blijkbaar,

Ik ben AL sinds 2000 (jaartal) bezig met het overtuigen van iedereen dat ik niet veranderd hoef te worden, en NU, blijkt uit deze hele gang van zake ! Weer hetzelfde!
Alles wordt op z'n beloop gelaten!
Van Til heft niet behandeld te worden, want dat blijkt uit alles

Hartelijk dank voor uw tijd,
Ik baal hier Onwijs van!
doodse stilte is wat ik wil... niets meer

(I believe in self-control,.... dont worry!)

Maar geen RIAGG meer, Ik wil Zelf!

writing hurts

account statistics 12

... u heel gemakkelijk kunt zien welke bedrijven u allemaal toestemming hebt gegeven een automatische incasso uit te voeren. In dit overzicht vindt u tevens een lijst met alle eenmalige incasso's.
bij-/afschrijvingen portefeuille-overzicht overboeken meest gestelde vragen
mijn berichten datum afzender onderwerp
31-03 ABN AMRO Bank
Vanaf 2 april koopavond en zaterdag open
22-02 ABN AMRO
Welkom bij Bankmail toon alle berichten
rekeningnummer soort tenaamstelling saldo/waarde
betaalrekeningen PRIVEREKENING
-298,66 EUR
Er staan geen opdrachten klaar om te verzenden.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Google Print Meets European Print
By David Utter - Staff Writer (WPN)

Cultural concerns in Europe over Google's plan to put several well-known libraries online trigger a rival effort.
Europe has history while America has geography; a comic-book thought that nonetheless seems to be the opinion of some Europeans.
Google plans to scan millions of books from libraries like Harvard's and Oxford's, a lengthy task for certain.
Then those works would be available online, to anyone with Internet access. But the thought of that much Anglo-American articulation available annoys a number of European leaders.
The president of the French National Library sees a danger there, according to an interview with Associated Press."I think that this could lead to an imbalance to the benefit of a mainly Anglo-Saxon view of the world," Jean-Noel Jeanneney said in an interview. "I think this is a danger."
Paranoia? Possibly. Still, the French and five other countries see a need to digitize their own libraries, to preserve works created in non-English languages.The possibility exists that Google and its Continental critics could work together. Members of Google Print visited Paris to meet with library officials to discuss potential inclusion into the search engine's efforts.

Gmail (continuing story)

Als u uw wachtwoord opnieuw wilt instellen voor uw Google-account, klikt u op de onderstaande koppeling dat u Google gebruikt.Indien u vragen of opmerkingen over uw account hebt, gaat u naar de veelgestelde vragen over Google Accounts op is een automatisch e-mailbericht. Reacties op dit bericht worden niet gelezen of beantwoord.


Zodra iets verandert op krijgt u een meldingSnel nieuws via RSS
NRC Handelsblad biedt nu ook RSS-feeds aan op zijn website. RSS ofwel really simple syndication is een eenvoudige manier om automatisch op de hoogte te blijven van nieuwe informatie op

Bij dit artikel

ACHTERGROND - RSS maakt een oude internetbelofte waar: op de persoon toegesneden nieuws [20 januari 2004]

RUBRIEK - Een nieuwe vorm van radio [14 december 2004]
Abonneer u op één van de feeds en iedere keer als de site wordt geactualiseerd krijg u een melding.
Wat is RSS?
Hoe gebruik ik RSS?
Waar vind ik een RSS-lezer?
Hoe abonneer ik mij op feeds van NRC Handelsblad?
Meer weten? Journalist Erwin Boogert heeft een uitgebreide uitleg over RSS op zijn

NRC Handelsblad front page news

ik vind Van Balen (VVD) een hufter!

Bijna niemand weet dit meer,
maar ik herinner me alles,
Hans Van Balen was ooit uitgewezen als VVD dissident, omdat hij in zijn studententijd een brief aan Janmaat ofzoiets, Centrumdemocraten of Nieuw rechts
of weet ik veel wie er toen in zijn poot is geschoten!
Maar ik heb het het altijd onthouden: VAN BALEN = FOUT
en nu hoor je hem vandaag weer...
"Iedereen die tegen BUSH protesteert Ontkent...etc. "
en maakt zo...etc. "
Ongelooflijk, dat ze zo'n HUFTER aa het woord laten!

Sjorsj Frohlich, de meningsvormer van Nederland (1) had moeten vragen:... "Maar Menneer van Balen u bent toch ook extreem rechts...?"
Maar nee, in 5-10 jaar (weet ik niet meer) is die VAN BALEN... Zo Ge-Eshtablished!
dat ie bijna 1 x per week op NOVA komt, want ik kijk maar 1 x per week Nova... en dan hoor ik die hufter ook nog op radio 1
er IS geen 1 Politicus die TEGEN Hans van Balen is! die hem ontmaskert!
niet genoeg althans!

er zijn UBERHAUPT te weinig mensen die een standpunt innemen tegen de heer van BALEN!

die morgen weer aan de zijde van Bush staat om OORLOGEN te bedenken!

Mannen als Van Balen...
Kwijllip..retorisch gepraat...
daar moet je onwijs mee utkijken, want voor je 't weet
neuken ze je in je reet!

Power sucks assholes!
As it seems!

Hans Van Balen, Parlementair gekozen debiel, vertegenwoordigt een hooop Media-coverage

daarom kijk ik maar 1x per week tv

I saw Dirty Harry! Clint Eastwood.... 2nd time
I know all the years!
what I wrote is gone to 28 countries but I dont care

Thursday, May 05, 2005

fun fun fun !

First off, please accept my apologies for the tardiness of this response. Through a perfect storm of a busy spell at my day job, too many things to take care of on the home front, supporting a wife in graduate school, and good old-fashioned laziness, I simply haven't had the time to respond to my email in a timely fashion.
Thanks for your patience!
I'll be sending a copy of the Jardinains! level pack to you in a separate message immediately after this one. I'd attach it to this message, but there are many mail filters out there that simply delete messages it thinks are spam or viruses.
Therefore, if you _don't_ receive a level pack message at roughly the same time as you get this message (perhaps wait 12-24 hours, just in case the message is delayed for some reason,)
please let me know, and I'll try giving it another shot.
Again, thanks a ton for your essay; enjoy the levels!

Tom Darby

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

this can only be done in Dutch (because my last name)


can you believe it?

Nominated for the Most Rural Local Place in the Netherlands... where you can stil experience SILENCE....
Doodstil (dead-silence)

dont feel confused...
the people who live there, it's a suburb of 's-Hertogenbosch, I believe,,,, call it
Doods Til....
which is the name of a bridge around there... which never moved an inch or something, so' Doods Til' (name of a bridge) is where I came from, not from Tilbury!)

Dood Still
I couldnt have found that myself... in all the words there are

ALL Dutch readers will understand this... but you still dont have to be Dutch to understand it

So this site is what?

I'm still a Van Til!

read 'Doods Til'

Who the Fuck is Ted Koppel?

An interview with
Ted Koppel in the New York Times Magazine
turned up this item:
NYT: What's the biggest problem with network TV news today?

...TK: " That they're giving up some of the very things that can differentiate them from the bloggers and other groups that are getting into journalism. They're giving up, for the most part, on overseas coverage. A lot of it is now being done just on the basis of video that comes in from APTV or Reuters Television, and then some guy sitting in London does a voice-over. That's not the smartest thing in the world;"

Monday, May 02, 2005

Quote Questionaire

"I have nothing to do with you Human Rights Watch, ...
... because I'm a Cyborg!"

This from an 'old' SF-movie, who knows which one?

BBC reply time 10 days

Dear Kee
Thank you for your e-mail.
I regret to hear that you are upset with the coverage that you are receiving from the current World Snooker Championship.

With regard to viewing the snooker on the Internet, the BBC can only make live webcasts available in those territories for which we have the rights. The governing body, World Snooker and BBC Sport were able to reach agreement for the live webcast rights only within the UK so we are only able to make them available to internet users in the UK.

With reference to watching the coverage on television, please note, a number of cable TV operators in the Netherlands provide BBC TV services to their customers under a special arrangement where they can decode our satellite transmissions to feed their cable network.
A fee is charged for this service to take account of programme rights provision.
Nevertheless, because cable TV operators outside the UK have complete autonomy in what additional services they provide to their users, the BBC has no authority to intervene if services are changed.

Your comments will be carefully registered on a daily log, which is made available to our programme makers and senior management.
Feedback of this nature helps us when making decisions about future BBC programmes and services and your comment will play a part in this process.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your views.

Regards Andrew Bryans
BBC Information - World Wide Wonderland

This e-mail (and any attachments) is confidential and may containpersonal views which are not the views of the BBC unless specificallystated.If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system. Do not use, copy or disclose the information in any way nor act inreliance on it and notify the sender immediately. Please note that theBBC monitors e-mails sent or received. Further communication will signify your consent to this.

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