Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sexual Harassment at the workplace (revisited)

Ruud Lubbers, former P.M. of the Netherlands for 12 years, and now ex-chief of UNHCR, blew it himself. I heard he has been misusing his position to reveal medical data about the woman (US) who accused him of sexual her-ass-meant,
OK the Jesuit he is, he probably couldnt act differently, because furtivity, handling backstairs is their Nature. WRONG ofcourse,

But now ... under pressure of this hystirical USA "don't touch me! (at work)" attirude, the Europeans want to change the Burden of Proof (onus probandi) to the Male! Or, for that matter, to the accused!
The Accused has to proof that nothing happened!

Well, I've been reading and hearing already SO many examples where this setup stinks, that it will lead to a society where people are SCARED of each other as either possible victems or sexually misbehaving actors!

I'm happy I dont work in anOffice anymore!

Put on your rubber gloves before you go to work!


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