Friday, April 22, 2005

never blog when you are drunk 2

You need Old Music to get away from th crowd..
the crowd is around you, they all want a pieve of the pie... Everybody learned Shouting is out of fashion, sex is out of date, politix suxxx and Human Interest goes More and more toward Blogging Popes!
It used to be called Spin doctors
Now B$pin$2407$will spin you into a sphere you wont believe

I didnt write yet:
Google = Yahoo =AOL =Time Warner...
I willl write that later....
And They control my Google Account too! SUCKS


someone said!
Well probably Time Warner OWNS Kiseido server too!

I dont doubt it!

blogger s TOOO!
It's ALL the Home Land Security Department!
They Crawl into yo windows machine and because you are so stupid yo sign up
and you are having an Goooooogle Account even before you know it...
But they refused me!
I'm a critical IP adresss... Lucky I dont care anymore....
I feel like a zombie in blogosphere.. what a stupid term,,,, probably made by an american,,,


Blogger Lennard said...

Paranoia noemen ze dat ook wel.

8:00 AM, April 23, 2005  
Blogger kee said...

ya thats right

10:22 PM, April 26, 2005  
Blogger kee said...

tell me how to get

9:44 PM, April 30, 2005  

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