Tuesday, April 12, 2005

In Memoriam Wally Tax

The Outsider ultima forma

Djee looked that Wally Tax old at 57. Of course it was well known, that he probably drank more than Herman Brood and me together! Plus he used 'H' for quite some time, and the rest of his money went up his Nose.
It is a fact though, that he wrote some beautiful Songs; I think even some major artists sang them.
Heard on the news:
"Not only they played as support act with the Stones, were they a hit in the USA, and listed for two-an-a-half years in the TOP 40 in 1969 !

Why do people always have to exagerate when someone dies? Compare the Pope...

Was Tax the last Icon of the Flower Sixties, which started in 1969 btw.?
Is Harry Muskee (Cuby) still alive & kickin'?


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