Sunday, April 03, 2005

did the pope have a blog?

Well, if he did he probably hired an Identy Evangelist to write it for him...

I have to tell you about my time with Van Belle...

One day in the 80's I met this man Anthony (Antoine) who was a refugee from Belgium (tax issues), and lived now accross the street at the former queen's house, Palace Soestdijk, which is in Baarn by the way, which is one of the few train stations where they have a Royal Waiting Room (Locked allways!), which is weird because the queen has her own train, so she probably never has to wait...

But anyway, this man Antoine v Belle, was more catholic AND also more anti-communistic than the yesterday deceased pope. And that's what was called extreme right-wing in those days. He regarded me as a journalist, so I was left-wing, which in his opinion equals Communist!

Well, I was eating with him 3 to 4 times a week, so I'd call that very Socialistic... jeah...:)

When I got up in the morning, and he was already cutting roast-beef for his cats, he always blessed me with a wet finger giving me a cross on my forehead... Well, maybe it helped... I dont know what would have happened if he hadnt.

And he bought a car for me, a German car of all brands... a Volkswagen, nothing for an anti-communist who's father was shot in WW2 by the Germans.
I worked in Amsterdam then, and after work i drove to Baarn, where I ate beefsteak - always beefsteak, and drank a lot of Belgian beer ('Forbidden Fruit'), and we worked on this Mind-Blowing magazine of his, which we called
"MY OPINION" all names will be mentioned, JESUS CHRIST! Did he mention Names! My friend Anthony was a man of anger! He put advertising slogans in all newspapers for thousands of guilders, like:
"Jesus Christ! My Opinion!"
That was real fun!

In short his theory was:
ALL journalists are left-wing (read communists) - there's no difference between socialism and communism (Oh that's why the CIA had to kill Allende? I asked ...and he jumped on the kitchen table again!) .... and eh.. because people are misinformed by these journalists, they keep the commies in the saddle..
So, we (WE??? well I tried to, calm him down a bit) had to change THE opinion about all this, and the Pope (Karolus JP2) was his great example! And he wanted to use his magazine My Opinion to let the People speak, and not the journalists!
(I was translating an interview with Ronald Reagan from the Washington Post.... while he was screaming at Jan Blokker - Volkskrant) ...Yeah those were the days...

Of course we had a big, big fight, over dialectics !!! (SICK!) he had a total weird misconception of that... I couldnt explain to him...
And I had to give the car back too!

Oh I could tell you more nice stories about this man. When he invited ALL important Vegans, veganists, and animal welfare activists at his house for the founding of his foundation AAANETA,
All Animals Are Nice Except Thinking Animals, P.O.Box 555, Baarn, I can still remember, talking 1986 here...
They all asked me: "What are you doing with this man? Is he crazy?"
"Yeah, I said, "I love him, cant help it."

The magazine also failed after 5 or 6 issues, must have cost him around Dfl. 0.5 million, which would equal € 300.000 now;
after Anthony appeared on TV in a program about new media, and got angry of course, so they wouldnt let him say His Thing... They laughed at him, which was pityfulll, because he HAD a point there!

But, he never succeeded in making me a fan or even Like this Polish Pope, I always distrusted him. The look in his EYES is evil. Take a good look!

a page from My Opinion

a page from My Opinion

And I never trusted any pope, so I won't trust the next one either!
Big chance they'll appoint an Italian one again, and that will be good, because maybe we get to see a little bit more about the POLITICAL involvement of the Vatican.

It's all a quadrupple P2-Loge!


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