Saturday, April 23, 2005

blogger = Google = Yahoo = AOL = Time-Warner

who wants to keep 2Gb of email?

Ask yourself this question, you will probaly think, why?
But it's scientifically proven that 96% of the PC-people don't even Know that they signed up for a google-account, while downloading the desktop-search... cookie!

the _only_ logical reason for Google (read the government) to store 2Gb of your e-mail and search history is:
Homeland Security Department Reasons.

Now, I'm not paranoid, just thinking rational. I've been reading stuff about this Google machine for months now... I'm a WebProNews member remember!
And remember that when I'm gone!

Home Address of WebProNews is Redmond, err where does that sound like???

Read now this "automated Reply from Google to my Complaint about Gmail


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