Friday, April 29, 2005

"Are you pro or against full acceptance (by the Netherlands) of the Treaty to establish a Constitution for Europe?"

Or: why you shouldnt vote for this Referendum.

A lot of politicians will try to make you believe that this is voting Pro or Contra Europe. But it isnt. Well, it is (not) voting for the European Community AS it IS organized. And the way it IS organized sucks.
So all this Treaty -will- do is constitutionalize a non-democratic monstrum with more of the same.
All they tell you about more rights is bullshit,
well okay, with 1 million signatures from more than 5 countries, you are allowed to propose legislation; long way to go...
While on the other hand..."Angst Rules"... they take away specific national (mostly individual) rights, in order to keep control of people.
It might become dangerous to write something bad about let's say Greek people, before you know it, you become subject to Greek Law, and nothing Holland can do about that! Because,
SAYS the summary of the Treaty:
"European Law goes above national laws"

It's better to not vote at all, than to vote No,
because that way we'll show them they didnt DO anything to make this Europe worthwhile, trustworthy and something to Go for... Non-voting will give them a sign that they have to do something about the democratic non-existance of Europe as a Communty!

"Angst Rules!"


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