Sunday, March 13, 2005

USA is not a democracy

I'm really sorry guys and gals,
but I've read a lot in my life, even though I sold a lot of books
I can memorize a lot of it,
and after reading Plato (4 times) I found that United Stes is not a Democracy!
although they SEEM to promote it everywhere on the world,

they have these Libraries of what BOOKS say about what Democracy would be,
BUT they have not one single Idea how to implement that... in their society...

so what do they do?

they conquer the world, as if they were aliens...

Xompare Micro-soft!
tomorrow I'll publish some stuff from 1995 when I said this first...

If I can find it
Probably in the PC at the backdoor... moving to TOTAL WASTELAND,

You never know what happens with your OLD hard disk...
happy sunday!


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