Thursday, March 24, 2005

mood changes

I'm not talking about Borderliners in general; but I'm talking about ME.
I can not think more than 24 hours ahead. When my money stops, read consumption stops, then also Life itself Ends. There's only one thing left. Getting angry as hell, and putting every possible person Under Pressure! Not that that helps much - most of the time- but it happens always.

Today my money came, and suddenly Spring starts. Suddenly I see the blue sky winking, HEY Kees you're alive and Kicking!

And I applied for a JOB - yeah a real cute one...
Have to do some testcase today... so thumb for me!

and some nice guy gave me $1250 blog shares for free! See BLOGSHARES

now playing: Heavenly Bank Account
what a coincidence!


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