Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hard Leers goes Soft

For the first time in history a christan-democrat prominent politician has pleaded for Legelization of Soft Drugs. Gert Leers, the mayor of Maastricht (Limburg), of all people. The guy who rolled up 100's of weed-plantages in Gypsy camp (Vinkenslag) on the border of his -so beloved- city. The discussion is a bit blurry, because HE (Leers) wants to USE this argument [i.e. that legalization will lead to regulation] to solve HIS Borderline problems, so called drugs-tourism. He KNOWS he won't get this through EU.

Peculiar; in the same interview he proclaimed that the use of soft drugs OFTEN leads to the use of hard drugs (not specified). This is already scientifically proven wrong, since the early 70's, when the Stones released Brown Sugar...

Oh by the way, this Leers was Mayor of the Year 2004, just because his zero-tolerance approach to coffeeshops!

Now, is this country confused or not?
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