Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Google Adds Non-Sense

As you may have noticed,
Google thinks they found Columbus' Egg. They have this new affiliate program Google AdSense, which promises sensible advertising on your website, by reading the content with a robot. (Microsoft calls this 'auto-link technology')

If 'even' guys like WebProNews promote this, I decided to try it for a week or 2.

Now go to Sitemeter and watch their AD's (by Gooooogle), it's all about hit counters and site statistics. Now does this make SENSE?

If I write in my blog that I am translating for one day, I get 4 ad's on my blog from competitors translators, and translation agencies... (Do they PAY Google for this NON-sense???)

* there are NO grafix ad's - although promised
(They said "due to start-up lack of advertisers...huh!)
* A pakistani ISP ad, turns out to be a sex-dating site for minors!
(when blocking this URL, yes they added that option! GREAT, but it keeps coming back:
also due to lack of other, normal advertisers?
* text size is non-adjustable, so it looks very unprofessional (ANTI-webdesign)

This whole WebProNews newsletter is probably an advertising vehicle for Google;
I've written them this criticism, but then they are not home.

Gonna look further in this;
later more...


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