Thursday, March 10, 2005

fuck Microsoft

I'll be able to post this LATER
I suppose,
Photo will follow,
I HOPE ...

Microzoft sucks SO much that they even can't use Copy<> Paste from email to BLOG; so STUPID, SO DUMB for the world!

It's not Micro and it's not Soft!

Picture wont show up, because it's GIF... and that was invented one of those days
for Universal Picturing,
But MS screwed it up!

TIFF scale was even better... BUT Micrsoft did NEVER do anything to make that standard,
all they do is advertising via MSN [DO NOT USE MSN!]
SUCK them!

This is gonna be a ANTI-Microsoft site soon!
If they go on like this!

Fuck Bill Gates too!
He is a son of a Bitch and Never did it right!
From the Beginning!
With his Bill Gates Foundation, yah even NERO did some good works!
To cover up for the rest!

U can see Proof of their UNability to even Copy - Paste from their OWN Email client... in my 20 euro literature post... This way Microsoft Fux Literature too!
Because they dont KNOW how to COPY-Paste!

sore souls who work there... Under that discipline
(if you ever saw that 'sick' promotion movie of Gates' successor, then u know what I'm talking about... footage follows)

I think has already put me on a lower bandwidth... Everything sucking slow...

i must get Google hits - with these titles...!


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