Thursday, March 10, 2005

20 euro world literature

today my house seems new.. With Mariska together I can finally clean up -after 15 years! (she is Cleaned Up by Nature!) (Natural girl)

I've sold old books today , some 40 books for 20 euro, I know this guymarried with a Chinese woman... weird Librarian type guy, well, nice to talkwith about Books, he knows all the names!

name dropping
Some sentiment .. because I bought some of them in my young years and neverwanted to part from them... like from the best Dutch writer ever...W.F.Hermans, look that up if it exist in Italian Im sure,, book is called:"I'm Always Right"
He got sued for the court from that book, because of accusing the Catholics!
of collaboration in the war! Which was NOT DONE in the 60's [I mean writing about that subject] A political book thus...
And Complete works of Kafka,
Complete works of F. Pessoa, Portuguese poet, SO nihilistic! Sominimallistic! Beautifully translated, it was a double language edition,both Dutch and Portuguese,
The Whole Ullyses from Joyce.... FAT Good book
Some old weird Dutch writers you would't know, we call them the Eighteners,
like they were all starting to write since 1880, great literature, called Naturalism...
Emants' GotenDammerung! ('Godenschemering) Beautiful!
And even a book that still can make me sad, Willem Mertens' Levensspiegel (A difficult to translate word, but like the mirror of your life) by J.J. van Oudshoorn (pseudo)
I read that much tooooo young...Remained melancholical for years after that! One of the most saddening books I ever read...And Rayuela from Cortazar, what a work that was to read that, but fun!
And there was one other book I could part from with pain: God's Fool, by Maarten Maartens (pseudo-name) also from the late 1880's
...about a deaf dumb and blind boy , I sure have told you before, but you forgat anyway, so...:)one of the ALSO best books I ever read...
Hmmm, maybe I can use this text for my Blog... have you heard about blogging already? A lot of borderliners do it, because you can really Publish something and at the same time, pretend as if you were just writing to your best friend, I wished you'd visit my logbook more, and it's free to put comments on it :) even when you depressed and need a hug!
There will come a day, when all people in the world communicate viaaudioblogging in their heads,and they listen at 7 radiosstations and watch 8 tv channels at the sametime...


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