Monday, February 21, 2005

the last thing I had from my father

Today is a strange day... When I stood up, I thought it was a non-day, so nothing was going to happen... but I started active... and at 3 pm my friend DJ sent me some € 's so I felt save for at least two days. If I don't eat dinner at 7 in the evening, I feel like an Ethiopean... :)
...and at 7 pm some guy called to buy my father's Sony world receiver Captain 55 - which is an incredible nice machine to receive RADIO!
My father bought that in 1972 or so.. and we always had it on on the camping site, such a supurb sound quality, yo'd listen to Dutch radio in south of France as if it were at home...
These things were 800 dutch guilders in those days... which was expensive for a portable radio on the camping!

This guy who bought it, told me he was working in a luxury yacht building company in those days, where they'd give these radio's Standard with each ship!

Nice guy, didnt bargain, just paid.

Happy new life.


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