Friday, February 11, 2005

first day at work

february 11th, 2005

Is it fun to have a weblog?

1. Within short, or maybe already the word DEBT will be used more on Internet than the word Viagra, mind you.

2. Yesterday was the first day I worked in 3 years, translated 1000 Microsoft English words, which without doubt have already been translated 1000 times , and now I have to see if I get paid! Probably a rip off...

3. The first day in a week I play frankz

4. Just when I was in an upstream, with my whole house cleaned and a date with the shrink, everything goes wrong, there's an old saying : "What you see is what you get" Well ALL I see is DEBT!

5. I'll post a photo of my Shirt first!

6. Now let's see if this works



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